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How To Trim Your Pubic Hair - For Men & Women

Pubic hair can actually grow fast compared to hair on other body-parts and that’s why you need to regularly trim it in-order to keep looking neat. In fact, there are different tools and methods you can use to trim pubic hair and there are also several styles you use apply when shaving your pubic-hair. So, below id a detailed review on how you should trim your pubic hair and tips on to keep your pubic area neat.


Steps on how to trim your pubic hair:

  1. Clean your body and most especially the pubic-area: it’s very important take shower and wash-up your pubic-area with soap before trimming or shaving it. This is mainly because if you trim pubic-hair without a clean-up then the presence of bacteria may aggravate the infection in case of nick, razor-burn or cut.


  1. Get good quality hair clippers or razors: the tools you will use to trim or shave pubic-hair will determine your experience with the hair-removal process. In fact, you should try to get a razor set meant for only pubic-hair maintenance in-order to reduce on the risk of infections around the pubic-area. On the other hand, consider using nail-scissors because they are small enough and ideal for sensitive maneuvering or you can even use Embroidery scissors but take caution of the sharp-points at the end since they can easily nick or injure the pubic-area during the shaving-process.


  1. Use a sharp and disposable razor: using a new, sharp and disposable razor can actually be the best option for trimming pubic-hair. In fact, a blunt razor will encourage itchy and red-bumps after shaving pubic-hair making you feel uncomfortable all the time. On the other hand, consider shaving in the direction of hair-growth instead of against it in-order to reduce on the risk of skin-irritation.


  1. Apply a shaving cream/gel: if your pubic-area skin is very sensitive then you should consider applying a good quality shaving cream/gel just before you shaving. In fact, the shaving-cream will enable the razor to glide smoothly over the skin and even ensure thorough removal of pubic-hair with minimized skin-irritations.


  1. Get to a place that is easy to clean-up after shaving: before you begin shaving pubic-hair, you will need to look for spot that's convenient and very easy to clean after shaving. So, consider standing in the shower or sitting over the toilet because this implies that you will just have to flush the toilet or runner water in the faucet to clean-up any shaved hairs.


  1. Trim dry or shaver wet:

    if you’re just trimming/cutting pubic-hair, then consider doing it when the hair is completely dry because the hair will be much easier to manage. On the other hand, if you’re going to shave pubic-hair, then consider soaking yourself in a warm-bath or shower for about 10-to-15 minutes before shaving because this helps to reduce on skin-irritation.


  1. Use a hand-mirror to checkout the pubic-area when shaving: you will need a hand-mirror in-order to checkout your pubic-area when trimming hair. in fact, it’s very hard to know you’re shaving progress when you can't even see what you’re shaving and that why it’s very important to use a small mirror to check-up on how far things are going.


  1. Go for any bikini-area style: Although most people prefer to completely remove their pubic-hair, some prefer leaving some hair designed into a particular style. In fact, women have their own bikini-styles which include; faux-natural, bikini-style, shaped-patch, landing-strip and Brazilian-style while men also have their own styles which include; faux-natural, boy-briefs, lion's mane, arrow/landing strip and Brazilian-style. So, make some research on these bikini-styles to pick one that works best for you and your partner.


  1. Apply an aftershave: the bikini-area is very sensitive and can easily get irritated or feel itchy after shaving. So, it’s recommended to apply a good aftershave after trimming pubic-hair in-order to soothe the skin around and to feel more comfortable. In fact, you can even apply a good moisturizer to help revitalize the pubic-area.


  1. Clean the mess: After shaving, the cut hair will be all-over the flow or sink, the trimmer will also be caked-up with hair. So, first clean-up the trimmer with running tap-water and brush incase -it’s not a disposable-razor. If it’s a disposable-razor, then just throw it into the trash can and afterwards begin cleaning the sink and areas around you so as to remove any cut hairs.


  1. Maintain your bikini-style: after shaving your pubic-hair into a given style you prefer, you will now have to keep it in shape by regularly maintaining it. So, consider re-styling shaved areas every 2-to-3 days, re-trimming hairy areas every 1-to-2 weeks and re-waxing the pubic-area every 4-to-6 weeks.


Tips to consider when trimming your pubic hair:

  • After finishing to trim your pubic-hair, splash cold-water on the areas that have been shaved, this is important because it helps to close skin-pores leading to less skin-irritation after shaving.
  • Stretch the skin with your hands in areas with loose skin

    or folds in-order to achieve a more comfortable shave around the bikini-area.

  • When shaving pubic-hair, ensure that you rinse the razor after every stroke taken and don’t be afraid to change the blades in case they get dull because pubic-hairs is very coarse and tends to dull blades quickly.
  • If you want to get finer pubic-hair that is less painful to remove over-time, then consider regular waxing or use of depilatory devices.
  • Coconut-oil is a good body-moisturizer but it may easily clog pores if too-much is applied especially over the pubic-area.
  • Don't apply rubbing alcohol to your genitals because it will just dry-out the skin and it doesn't even work on the type of infection shaving gives you. So, just consider changing the blades regularly in-order to prevent skin-infections in the bikini-area after shaving.

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