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How To Shave With An Electric Shaver

Electric shavers have greatly reduced on levels of skin-irritation and shaving-time hence that’s why they are being used by most people today. However, electric shavers can still be troublesome to use at some point especially when trying to achieve a perfect shave. But with proper preparation and shaving techniques, you will be able to achieve a closer and comfortable shave with an electric shaver. So, below are the detailed steps on to shave with an electric-shaver while at home.


SECTION-1: Preparing to Shave:

Get an electric-shaver that suits your needs: make some research of different electric-shavers and also try to consult a grooming specialist to understand how facial-hair grows and correct techniques to use when shaving. Although most electric-shavers are used for dry-shaving, newer models actually facilitate for wet-shaving as well but they are a bit pricey.


Take a shower or clean your face: using warm-water, take a shower or use a warm cloth to clean-up your face since this will help to soften the beard and make it much easier to achieve a clean shave. On the other hand, you may even wash your face with a gentle facial-cleanser in-order to get rid of any dirt that has built-up.


Apply an alcohol based pre-shave: Alcohol-based products help to remove dirt and natural-oils (sebum) from the skin helping your hair to stand straight-up. However, you can use a powder pre-shave if you find alcohol to be an irritant.


Find the grain of facial-hair: this will involve rubbing your facial-hair in different directions and the direction that feels smooth is "with the grain" while other direction that gives resistance is "against the grain". In fact, learning the direction your hair grows allows you to avoid skin-irritation and in-grown hairs when shaving.


Allow the face to adjust: the face usually takes about 2-weeks to adjust to an electric-shaver and during this period the oils from the shaver will blend with the natural-oils from the face.



SECTION-2: How to Shave with an Electric-Shaver:

Make sure that the shaver-blades are sharp: before you begin shaving, you will have to check the shaver-blades to make sure that they are sharp-enough to cut through your facial-hair. In fact, it’s recommended to replace the blades for at least once a year or else you fail to get a good shave and end-up irritating your skin.


Hold the electric-shaver with your dominant-hand

: The hand you use for writing is actually referred to as the dominant-hand. So, use the dominant-hand to shave and then use the other hand to hold the skin-tight as you shave over the skin. Remember to shave against the grain for a closer-shave but be extra-careful and take your time while shaving.


Use the non-dominant hand to pull the skin tight: using the non-dominant hand to pull the skin tight because this will help he facial-hairs to stand upright and even ensures maximum skin-contact hence reducing on shaving-time and skin-irritations.


Shave the cheeks and sides of your face: begin by shaving your cheeks with the grain from the top towards the jaw. In fact, shaving against the grain provides a closer shave but it’s an easy way of cutting yourself or cutting facial-hairs below the skin-level leading to ingrown-hairs or razor-bumps.


Shave the sideburns: when shaving your sideburns, always look at the mirror set at a level-angle in-order to ensure that both sides are even. After shaving, put down the shaver and use both index-fingers to determine which side is longer by simply placing each finger at the bottom of each side-burn.


Shave the mustache area: this is the area below your nose and you will have to use your non-dominant hand to lift the nose and then force the upper-lip downward in-order to provide more surface-area for shaving. Additionally, you can even try moving your upper-lip away from the direction that you’re shaving because this will help to expose the shaver to more hair.


Shave underneath the lip and chin: Bite or suck-in the lower-lip in-order to maximize the lower-lip surface-area that the shaver touches. Afterwards, go slowly around the lower-lip section while making sure that you don’t cut yourself. Additionally, you may also consider moving the jaw away from the direction of the shaving stroke since this will help to flatten-out the skin and expose the shaver to more hair.


Shave the neck-area and beneath the jaw: These are the most sensitive areas to shave and you should actually take your time when shaving them. So, tilt your head-up and move closer to the mirror in-order to get a best visual-angle when shaving. In fact, it’s recommended to shave these areas first before moving to other spots because some shavers tend to generate heat over time that may cause irritation.


Checkout the mirror for missed spots: Electric-shavers tend to leave small-patches in hard-to-reach areas and that’s why you will need to take a look into the mirror before putting away your shaver. So, shave-up any remaining hairs and then wash-way any loose hairs after shaving.


Apply aftershave to the shaved skin

: after shaving, you should apply a good aftershave to your skin in-order to get that refreshing feel and scent. In fact, avoid using alcohol based aftershaves because they will just dry-out your skin and escalate skin-irritation levels.


Clean the electric shaver: in most shaver-models, you just have to lift-off the head and then use a brush to clean-out any whiskers within the cutters. On the other hand, some electric-shavers can be easily cleaned under running tap-water while others come with an automatic cleaning station that does everything for you after shaving.


Lubricate the cutter and screen pieces: apply a small amount of lubrication over the screen cutters while the shaver is running. This will help the shaver to perform optimally and even prevent the shaver-blades from getting rusty when the shaver is stored for a longer period of time.

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