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How To Epilate Legs - Hair Removal Guide For Women With Hairy Legs

Most Women today have discovered epilating as better alternative to shaving and waxing legs. This is mainly because epilators pull-out hairs by the roots in-order to provide you with smooth legs for up to 6-to-8 weeks. This implies that you will be able to get the same results as waxing but without the expense or mess. All in all, this post will teach you how to use an epilator correctly to remove hair from your legs if you’re a woman with hairy-legs.


STEP-1: How To Prep Your Legs:

  • Choose the best epilator: before you start doing anything, you will have to buy a high-quality epilator because this really matter. In fact, cheap and poor-quality epilators may not work very well and tend to cause more pain compared to high-quality epilators. So, go to a beauty supply store or online store and pick and good quality epilator. Lastly, consider choosing a cordless epilator but with a good charge-hold in-order to achieve a more convenient epilation process.


  • Shave the legs with a razor 3 days before epilating: you will actually need to shave your legs a few days before epilation since epilators work best on hairs that are just a few millimeters long. In fact, if the hairs are too-long then they will get tangles into the epilator and if they are too-short then they won’t be enough for the spinning-heads to grab when epilating. All in all, make sure that the hairs are trimmed at the same length just before epilation.


  • Take a painkiller before epilating: you may need to take a pain-killer an hour before you begin epilating. This is mainly because epilation hurts just like waxing but you can eventually get used to the feeling.


  • Set yourself for the first session: for the first epilating session, you will need to give yourself plenty of time which about an hour or more. In fact, the epilating-process is slower than shaving but the epilating results last much longer. Additionally, it’s recommended to epilate at night because this will help your red and swollen legs to return to normal by morning.


  • Exfoliate the legs in the shower/bathroom: Taking a warm-shower before epilating will help you to get rid of dry-skin and even prevent ingrown-hairs from occurring later. So, take a warm-bath and then exfoliate your skin using a loofah or body scrub. In fact, you should rub your skin in circular-motions in-order to gently remove any dead-skin.


  • Decide whether to epilate dry or wet

    : Some people prefer epilating dry since this allows the epilator to get a firm grasp on the hairs and work more effectively while other people prefer epilating their legs in the shower because this makes them feel more comfortable with less pain from the process. Additionally, if your epilating for the first time then consider doing it wet in-order to keep the skin moist and warm the entire time. You can even consider using a shower-gel on the legs to help the epilator glide more easily. However, if you want epilate dry, then make sure that your skin is completely dry for best results.


STEP-2: How To Use An Epilator:

  1. Start with the lowest setting: Most epilators feature 2-settings of low and high. So, if you’re using an epilator for the first time then you should consider using the low-setting so that you can get used to feeling of epilation. In fact, once you’re used to the epilation sensation then you can switch to the higher-setting in-order to speed-up the epilation process.


  1. Begin on the inside of your legs: this inside-section is actually the least sensitive area on your legs. So, it’s recommended to start epilating from here so that you can get used to the feeling. On the other hand, you should avoid starting epilating near the ankles or over the bones because these areas are more painful to epilate. All in all, you should consider saving the most sensitive spots for last because your body will even be used to the feeling.


  1. Hold the epilator close to your skin: you will have to hold the epilator close to the skin but avoid pressing down hard. Afterwards, pass the epilator lightly over the skin in circular-motion because this will help the spinning-heads to grasp more hairs and pull them out. In fact, it will take about 30-seconds to finish epilating any given section. Lastly, run the epilator against the grain of your hair-growth because this makes it much easier for the epilator to grasp hairs.


  1. Go slowly during the epilation process: An epilator works best when it’s used at a slower-pace. So, take your time and epilate each patch of the skin while going over it a few times to ensure that all the hair is captured and removed. In fact, if you try to epilate at a fast rate then you will end-up missing some hairs which isn't a good thing.


  1. Change to a high-setting after getting used to the epilation-feeling: Switching to a higher settings actually enables you to go a little bit faster and to pass-over each section fewer times. So, if you’re used to the epilation feeling then consider tryout the higher-setting.


  1. Moisturize the legs after epilating

    : after epilating your legs, apply an aloe-cream or any other moisturizing cream in-order to soothe your legs which will look red and irritated for hours. In fact, once the redness and swelling are gone, your legs will look completely smooth and attractive. Lastly, if there is any bleeding in any area, then clean it and apply a bandage.


  1. Clean your epilator: after epilating, you should consider washing your epilator under running tap-water incase its waterproof and if it’s not waterproof, then you should use a cleaning-brush to remove any hairs stuck within the epilating heads. This will actually help to keep the epilator in a great working condition even if you store it for a long period of time.

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