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How To Get Rid Of Female Facial Hair Like A Pro

All people have facial-hair and it can appear inform of beards eyes-brows, sideburns. In fact, facial, hair can be embarrassing for some women and that’s why they always try too hard to get rid of most facial-hair. On the other hand, there are several methods you can use to remove facial-hair which may include quick-methods, permanent-methods and even some treatments recommended by doctors. So, in this post I will provide you with some of the best methods that will help you get rid of female facial-hair.



  1. Use Tweezers: pulling-out hair with tweezers (tweezing) is actually a cheap and effective way of hair-removal from any section on your face. However, tweezing can be time-consuming and somehow painful especially around sensitive-skin areas. Lastly, removing facial-hair with tweezers actually prevent hairs from growing back fast compared to other methods like shaving.


  1. Use an Epilator: an epilator is an electric hair-removal device designed to pull-out multiple hairs at once. An epilator can be fast, effective and affordable but painful to use for the first few times just like waxing. However, the pain with lessen over-time as you become used to the epilating sensation.


  1. Use a chemical depilatory: there are actually several creams, lotions and similar products that can be used to melt facial-hair. These products are very cheap, easy to use and pain-free compared to waxing or epilating. However, chemical depilatories may cause chemical-burns if used incorrectly and other skin-related complications most especially on people with sensitive skins.


  1. Use Hair-dye: this is usually referred to as "bleaching of hair" because it requires dyeing your facial-hair to a similar color as your skin-tone. This actually makes facial-hairs less noticeable but make sure that you choose a color that matches your skin-tone. Lastly, special-kits can also be purchased for the face in-order to make it look great.


  1. Tryout Waxing: waxing is one of the most popular ways of removing facial-hair because it long-lasting results. However, the cost of waxing will depend on what part of the face you have waxed but generally this process is expensive. On the other hand, the waxing procedure can be very painful and result into ingrown hairs at the beginning but you can used to it over-time. Lastly, after waxing your facial hair won’t grow back for a few weeks and this actually makes it a better option to shaving.


  1. Tryout Threading

    : if you fear the pain and cost associated to waxing and epilating, then consider threading since it’s an easy way of removing facial-hair from your eyebrows, lips and face in general. This method is very simple to learn, relatively painless and doesn't require any complicated tools. All you will need is a string or you may even go to a salon for professional threading in case you haven’t learnt to-do it yourself.


  1. Trim facial-hairs: you may consider trimming facial-hairs rather that completely removing them which can be painful and time-consuming. In fact, trimming works best on eyebrows because it makes them appear less thick, dark, easy to manage, cheap and can even be done at home.



  1. Laser hair-removal: the laser process uses light pulses to destroy the hair-roots. In fact, this process doesn't automatically remove the hairs but it simply causes hair to fall-out over time. This process will work perfectly for women with dark facial-hair and a light-skin tone. However, this process very expensive and requires touch-ups for at least once a year. All in all, laser hair-removal will significantly reduce on the appearance of facial-hairs for a longer period of time.


  1. Tryout Electrolysis: Electrolysis is done by inserting a very small needle into the skin in order destroy the cells that cause hair-growth. In fact, this procedure is very effective but very expensive just like laser hair-removal. On the other hand, there are 2-types of electrolysis that can cause scarring and these include; Thermolysis and The Blend. These electrolysis procedures are not recommended for people with darker skin-tones because of their greater risk of scarring. However, there is also 1-type of electrolysis called Galvanic that isn't associated with scarring because it doesn't involve heating and this makes it suitable for all skin-types.


  1. Use Prescription creams: there are several depilatory creams that will help to permanently remove facial-hairs for some good time. However, these creams won’t usually be able to permanently remove hairs on their own and you may need to use other hair-removal methods in-order to achieve great results.


  1. Use oral-contraceptives or hormone-treatments: incase your hair growth, thickness and color are hormone-based, you can only return hair-growth to normal by using hormone treatments or oral-contraceptives that help to regulate hormones. However, you will need to consult a doctor first to determine your condition and to give you the right prescriptions.


Tips to consider when removing facial-hair:

  • Most painful methods like waxing and epilating that require pulling-out hair will become less-painful over-time. However, the methods will provide you with long-lasting results compared to shaving or trimming facial-hair.


  • In case you’re still young, wait for the facial-hair to grow out. in fact, when your hormones calm-down the facial-hair will likely disappear or become less-visible on its own.


  • You should know that makeup can't hide facial-hair but it will just patch around it and that’s why you should avoid applying make-up in areas with facial-hair.


  • If your facial-hair is hormone-based or genetic, then you may consider using permanent hair-removal methods in-order to prevent facial-hair growth over a given period of time.

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