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How To Get Rid Of Body Hair - Full Guide For Hairy People

Hair removal has become very popular in today's society and there are actually several ways of removing body hair and even different remedies for stopping hair-growth. On the other hand, it’s mostly women who love shaving body hair in-order to look smooth and sexy but even some men who are very hairy will try to shave out excess body. All in all, there many methods you can use to get rid of body hair so as to get a smooth skin and these methods have been reviewed below.



Shaving is one most popular method for removing body hairs and it involves using a razor, body hair groomer and other products like a shaving-cream to achieve smooth results. In fact, shaving is a fast and painless way to rid of body hair but it doesn’t prevent hair from growing back.


Steps on to shave your body-hair:


  • Wash your body with hot-water: you will need to first take a shower with hot or warm water in-order to open pores so that you can be able to achieve a smooth shave.


  • Apply a shaving-cream: if your skin is very sensitive, you will need to apply a shaving cream/gel to the area you intend to shave in-order to ensure that the skin is properly lubricated and to protect it from skin-irritations while shaving.


  • Grab your razor and shave: get a manual or electric razor and begin shaving in line smoothly upwards. After shaving for 5-6 inches, rinse rinse-off the shaving cream/soap and hair then repeat the shaving-process. However, don’t press too-hard on your skin when shaving but just lightly gaze over it in-order to prevent skin-irritations.


  • Moisturize the skin after shaving: you will need to moisturize the skin afterwards because shaving removes important skin-layers making your skin extra-sensitive and prone to damage. However, after shaving your skin will absorb moisture better and that’s why you need to moisturize it at this point. Lastly, you can even apply an aftershave or astringent cream/oil to prevent skin-irritations.





Waxing actually strips-out all hairs at once by simply pulling it out of the skin with an adhesive. Hair-removal wax also comes in 2-forms which include; wax that you apply then press paper-strips or strips with wax already applied to them. Waxing is also another safe way to remove body-hairs although it’s not recommended around sensitive-areas of the skin since it can cause rashes, discomfort and other skin-injuries. All in all, waxing works best on body areas like the chest, arms, legs and armpits.


Steps to follow when waxing:


  • Wash and exfoliate your hairy-body: take a bath with soap and warm-water then exfoliate with bath salts or loofah in-order to remove any moisturizers or natural-skin oils.


  • Get a good hair-removal wax: buy cold wax-strips or heatable wax that is first warmed in a microwave before application to the skin. However, the strips are cleaner and easier to use but they are less-precise. Additionally, you may consider sugar-waxing although it’s applied in the opposite direction to hair-growth and require toning in the direction of growth but its less painful than waxing.


  • Pull the skin taut using one-hand: you will need to pull the skin taut in-order to make it tight so that wax doesn’t get into wrinkles or creases causing pain. Afterwards, rub wax in the direction of hair-growth multiple times to ensure maximum adherence.


  • Pull the wax-strip in opposite direction to hair-growth: you will need to pull the wax-strip in the direction opposite to hair growth using the other hand in-order to remove more hairs. In case some hair is left behind then consider re-applying, rubbing and pulling the same strip and in the same manner until it loses its stickiness.


  • Apply an after-wax treatment: with waxing, it’s very essential to use an after-wax treatment like applying a skin-moisturizer to soften the skin and to relieve excessive pain.





Another great body hair-removal option is epilating and this involves using an epilator made of many tweezers to pluck-out hair and the results can last for up to 2-weeks. However, epilation is painful and more time-consuming than shaving because it removes the entire hair-follicles. Additionally, an epilator uses small grooves and indents that grip hair and pull it out at the root. However, epilators tend to cause a lot of ingrown-hairs and that’s why you will need to use a hair-reduction cream to before epilation for best results. Lastly, wet-epilation will require submerging the skin and epilator under water during epilation while dry-epilation requires a clean and dry skin.


Steps on how to epilate hairy-body:


  • Pull the skin taut: you will need to pull your skin tight because epilators can't reach into wrinkles or creases and they may just grab any exposed skin during the process. So, use one-hand to pull the skin tight and then use the other hand to epilate.


  • Epilate across the skin in the direction opposite to hair-growth

    : move your epilator across the skin in a direction opposite to hair-growth. You will also need to take multiple passes to achieve the best results.


  • Use tweezers for small body-hair areas: using tweezers can be very time consuming especially when working on larger body-parts. However, tweezing is very effective in reducing and stopping hair-growth on the face. Additionally, tweezing painful but it’s the cheapest method for hair-removal.


  • Apply a body-moisturizer: After epilating and tweezing, you will need to apply a body moisturizer to sooth your skin and to reduce on pain.


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