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How To Trim A Beard With Clippers

A beard-trimmer is a great grooming tool to men most especially those with beards that grow faster. In fact, a beard-trimmer will help you clean-up any type of beard making you look respectable and it can also get you a closer trim if you prefer to achieve a clean-shave. On the other hand, using and maintaining a beard-trimmer is very easy and in this post I will show you how to choose and use a beard-trimmer:


Steps On How To Choose And Use A Beard-Trimmer:

  1. Get the best beard-trimmer: there are multiple beard-trimmers on the market today and that’s why you will need to do some research in-order to get the perfect beard-trimmer that will provide you with enough power and an even shave at any length-setting. Lastly, you should consider getting a cordless and waterproof trimmer because it will allow you to shave in the shower conveniently and can easily be cleaned after shaving.


  1. Set the right length-setting for your beard: After acquiring your beard-trimmer, you will need to set it to a preferred length-setting that is required to maintain your beard. So, if you want to maintain your fuller beard then you will need use a 3-level trimmer-guard setting but if you wish to keep your beard extremely short then consider using the trimmer plain or without any guards attached.


  1. Lubricate the trimmer: Make sure that your beard-trimmer is oiled-up in-order to keep it perfect working condition. So, you will need to drop a few drops of oil over the blades and run the trimmer so that the oil can circulate to all the parts. After applying the oil to the blades, wipe-off any excess oil using a soft dry-cloth. Lastly, use the oil that comes with clipper or buy oil meant for trimmer-blades.


  1. Start shaving the beard: in case you have a sizeable beard and you to trim it down to a respectable shape with some length, then start shaving with a number-3 guard comb and go over the entire beard. Additionally, you should place the flat part of the beard-comb against the face to get the best results and remember to shave both the neck and face. Lastly, if you’re not noticing any change in length then you will have to switch to a lower guard-comb.


  1. Switch to a lower guard-comb: After going over your face and neck with a number-3 guard, remove it and then insert a lower guard-comb in-order to remove any excess hair from your Adam’s apple and under the jaw-line. Shave in an upward-motion and if you want to go shorter than a 1 guard-comb then remove the guard and shave with only the blades of the trimmer.


  1. Clean-up any stray-hairs

    : you will need to trim-off any stray hairs using trimmer without any guards’ in-order to achieve a clean and neat appearance most especially in areas below the Adam’s apple. However, you should do this while looking in the mirror in-order achieve perfect shaving results.


  1. Remove the guards for shorter beard-styles: if you want to achieve a 5 o’clock shadow then you should consider shaving your beard without a guard. In fact, you will simply shave your entire face and neck with the trimmer-blades and this will leave you with some little stubble. On the other hand, you can even clean-up any problem areas by shaving with a straight-razor after using your beard-trimmer. Lastly, smile with your mouth closed in-order to trim the hair just above your upper-lip in an even line.


  1. Clean-up the guards and trimmer: after shaving your beard, remove any guards on the trimmer and rinse them with soap and water under the sink since they are made out of plastic. Additionally, rinse the guards with warm-water in-order to remove any hairs that may be sticking. Afterwards, get the brush that came with the beard-trimmer and start brushing away any hairs that caked-up into the trimmer-blades. In fact, you can even remove the blade-head from the trimmer in-order to achieve a thorough clean-up. Lastly, remember clean between the blade-grooves by using a cotton swab and try to run the clipper for a few seconds in order shake-out any loose hairs.


  1. Dry-up the trimmer and oil it: after rinsing the cleaning the trimmer guards and blades, you will need to wipe them with a clean dry towel in order to remove any excess water. In fact, the trimmer blades should be kept away from water because it could make them rusty when under storage. Additionally, consider oiling the blades before storing the trimmer in order to keep the trimmer in a great working-condition and ready for next use. However, if you had just oiled the trimmer-blades before shaving then you won’t have to repeat the process.


  1. Keep the trimmer and its accessories safely and well-organized: there are actually several little components that come with your beard-trimmer. So, consider getting a dedicated container for storage purposes incase the beard-trimmer didn’t come with storage bag. In fact, taking time to organize and keep your beard-trimmer ensures that you won’t lose any guard thus helping you achieve a great trim the next time you shave.


  1. Clean your beard and apply an aftershave

    : after shaving and keeping your beard, go over the sink and clean-up your beard in-order to remove any cut-hairs and then get a dry soft-towel and dry-up the beard. Afterwards, apply a preferred aftershave in-order to achieve that refreshing feeling and look. Lastly, remember that your beard keeps on growing everyday and this implies that you have to keep maintaining it over time by trimming it with beard-trimmer so that you can always look neat and presentable.

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