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Tips on How to Naturally Dye Your Hair – While At Home

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Dyeing hair is actually a simple process but most people worry about the various chemicals used in dyeing hair-products thus opting for natural dyeing methods. In fact, there are several natural-methods of dyeing your hair and these mostly consist using a variety of herbs and powders. So, in this post I have decided to provide u with some of the best methods of naturally dyeing hair and I think they will work perfectly for people who don’t like using chemical-based hair-dyes.

METHOD-1: How to lighten hair naturally:

  1. Try-out lemon: in case you really want to lighten-up hair naturally, then consider using lemon because it’s a great alternative to salon dyes in terms of lightening hair-color. So, mix-up a cup of water with 2 tablespoons of lemon-juice and then apply the mixture to wet-hair. Leave your hair to dry-up naturally and then rinse-out the lemon. In fact, you will notice a lightening effect within hair after rinsing out the lemon mixture.
  2. Try a honey and vinegar mixture: a honey and vinegar mixture can also help to lighten-up your hair naturally. So, get a cup of raw and uncooked honey, 2-cups of distilled-vinegar, a tablespoon of virgin olive-oil and a tablespoon of ground cinnamon or cardamom and then mix them together inorder to create a paste. Wash your hair to make it damp and then apply the paste all-over. Afterwards, wrap hair using a plastic-wrap and then use a swim-cap or shower-cap to secure the wrapped-hair. Leave the mixture within hair overnight and then wash it out in the morning. You will actually notice a difference to your natural hair-color and if not then repeat the process.
  3. Use some baking-soda: baking-soda can actually be used to lighten-up your hair without even using any chemical-dyes. In fact, baking-soda works by stripping hair of a chemical-buildup that darkens it thus making it look lighter. so, mix small-amount of baking soda into shampoo while showering for at least once a week and with time your hair will start to lighten-up. However, this method of lightening hair takes a bit longer than other natural-methods and this implies that it may take several weeks to a desired hair-color effect.
  4. Try using cinnamon: cinnamon is actually a very common spice that can also be used to lighten-up your hair. So, add a dash of cinnamon-powder into a small-handful of regular hair-conditioner and then evenly coat your hair with mixture while working from the top of the scalp to the bottom of your hair-locks. Afterwards, pull hair backwards while securing it with hair clips if necessary and then leave the mixture in overnight. Shampoo and rinse-out the mixture in the morning and after you will notice lightening-effect within hair.
  5. Consider using salt: mixing salt with water can actually create a natural lightening-agent that can safely be used on hair. So, mix 1-part of salt with about 5-parts of water and then use the mixture to rinse your hair. Allow the mixture to sit within hair for about 15-minutes and then wash-out your hair with a shampoo and clean-water. You will notice hair getting lighter after washing and drying it up.


METHOD-2: How to enhance blond-hair naturally:

  1. Get chamomile and prepare a chamomile-rinse: rinsing chamomile-tea through hair can actually help to enhance on its natural blond-color. In fact, chamomile can also reverse hair-damage in case your hair contains brown-streaks caused by sun-exposure. So, prepare a chamomile-rinse using regular tea-bags but you may also consider using chamomile-flowers for best lightening-effects. So, apply half a cup of flowers into a quart of boiling-water for about an hour, then strain the mixture and wait for it to cool.
  2. Wash your hair with a shampoo: as your chamomile-tea cools down, wash your hair with a shampoo inorder to remove all the dirt or grime from hair.
  3. Add the chamomile into hair: after washing your hair, pour the chamomile-mixture over it for at least 15-times while scooting or bending your head over a basin, bowl or blocked-sink because will enable you to use the same chamomile-mixture over hair again. Afterwards, wring-out any excess moisture from hair and then let the mixture set in for about an hour before rinsing it out using clean-water. On the other hand, if you fail to find chamomile-flowers then consider using calendula, mullein-blossoms, saffron, yellow-broom flowers, quassia-chips or turmeric.
  4. Tryout rhubarb incase chamomile is ineffective: a chamomile-rinse may not actually work on everyone’s blonde-hair and that why its advised to tryout rhubarb-roots inorder to achieve effective results in-terms of enhancing your blond hair-color. In fact, rhubarb-roots tend to add a honey-colored glow to your naturally blond-hair or light-brown hair. So, follow the following steps on how to prepare and use rhubarb over your hair:
  • Get 3-cups of hot-water and then pour them over 4-teaspoons of chopped rhubarb-roots. Afterwards, let the mixture/simmer sit for about 20-minutes.
  • Strain the mixture and then pour it over hair for about 15-times while scooting or bending your head over a bowl or basin.
  • After, rinse-out your hair using clear-water and then leave it to air-dry for best results. in fact, you may even let your hair to dry under the sun inorder to enhance on the dyeing-effects.


METHOD-3: How to get a brunette-shade naturally:

  1. Get or buy henna-powder: henna-powder can actually help to bring-out the hairs natural brunette-shades if used properly. So, you will need to buy henna-powder form any online-store or local-store and then prepare a henna-mixture. However, the way you prepare the henna-mixture will depend on the specific shade-of-brown you want to achieve. In fact, if henna is used alone, it will produce an orange-red shade but you can also mix henna with other herbs/roots inorder to achieve a bold hair-color. But if your hair is gray or white then consider using the henna-mixture alone. However, if you have dark-hair already then consider mixing henna with some chamomile inorder to lighten-up its effects. so, mix 1-part of powdered-chamomile with 2-parts of powdered-henna.
  2. Prepare a henna-paste: after deciding on how dark you want your hair to be, start preparing your henna-paste. So, get henna-powder with any other additional herbs/roots and then pour it into boiling water inorder to create a paste. Afterwards, add a teaspoon-of-vinegar and then stir-up your mixture. Allow the mixture to sit until it feels lukewarm to touch.
  3. Apply the henna-mixture to hair: first make hair damp by running clean-water over it, put on your rubber-gloves and then begin massaging the paste into your hair. Carefully brush through hair using a wide-toothed comb inorder to ensure that the mixture is evenly distributed and then cover your hair with a shower-cap or swim-cap. Wait for the henna-paste to sit within hair for about 30-minutes or 2-hours if you have darker-hair.
  4. Rinse-out the henna-paste: remove the shower-cap from your head and then rinse-out the paste from hair using clean-water. Rinse until the water run clear through your hair and then allow hair to air-dry or let hair dry under the sun inorder to achieve an increase in the dye’s effect.