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How To Straighten Hair Without Using A Straightener

Straightening hair using flat-irons or chemical-straighteners can actually damage your hair over time. So, it’s recommended to use other natural and safer hair-straightening methods inorder to keep your hair healthy. However, it will take you a little more effort and time to straighten-up hair without using a flat-iron or chemicals but you may have to-do it if you really want to keep your hair healthy. So, below are some of the methods you can use to straighten hair without using a straightened.


METHOD-1: How to use large-rollers to straighten hair:

  1. Acquire or get large foam-rollers: large foam-rollers can actually be used to straighten-up your hair inorder to keep it healthy. So, get the largest foam-rollers if possible but remember that you will have to leave these foam-rollers in for some good time. However, using foam-rollers won’t result into pin straight hair but it will help to get rid of small-curls within your hair.
  2. Wash-up your hair: shampoo and condition your hair and then rinse it with Luke-warm water. however if you don’t have the time to wash your hair then consider spraying it with some water inorder to make it feel a bit damp just before styling it. Lastly, pat hair dry with a towel after washing it and then continue with the styling-process.
  3. Section-up your hair: comb-out your hair and then divide it into 2 equal-sections. In fact, one-section should include hair from the top of the head while other section should contain hair from the back and sides of your head. Afterwards, use hair-clips to secure the top-section of hair over your head. However, if you have extra thick and long hair then you will need to divide hair into 3 or 4 equal-sections just before styling it. In fact, sectioning-off your hair facilitates for quick and easy styling of hair especially when working with rollers.
  4. Place rollers into each section: put rollers in the bottom-section of hair first. Start from the hair-ends by slowly rolling the roller towards the head and then secure it with a clip. After applying rollers into one-section, move onto the next section until the entire head is filled with rollers.
  5. Leave the rollers in for some time and then remove them

    : the rollers will have to stay within your hair for some good time until hair dries-up and this may actually take several hours in case you have thick and long hair. In fact, it’s recommended to put rollers into hair at night and then sleep with them until morning before removing them.


MEHTOD-2: How to use rubber-bands to straighten hair:

  1. Wash or moisten hair before styling it: you need to wash hair with a conditioning-shampoo or spray it with some water inorder to make it damp just before you start straightening it. However, make sure that your hair is just damp and not dripping wet and this can be achieved by drying it up with a towel before combing through it.
  2. Get small rubber-bands: you will have to get a bunch of small rubber hair-bands that will be used during the process of straightening hair. You may get like 10-to-30 rubber-bands but the actual number depends on the length of your hair. However, if you are worried about pulling-out hair from rubber-bands then consider using a bunch of thread wrapped elastic-bands or scrunchies.
  3. Part hair into 2 ponytails: comb through your hair with a wide-toothed brush inorder to get rid of any tangles/knots and then divide hair into 2 low-ponytails on either sides of yours head. Secure each ponytail loosely with a rubber-band and just below the ears for best results.
  4. Place a rubber-band along hair every 1-inch: loosely secure hair in the ponytails using rubber-bands and at about 1-inch after the last secured rubber-band. However, if your hair is extra curly/wavy then you may need to lace a rubber-band every a half inch. Lastly, don’t secure the rubber-bands so tight over your hair because this will leave an indentation but instead make the rubber-band tight-enough to keep hair secured during the straightening process.
  5. Leave the rubber-bands within hair for several hours: it actually take some time for your hair dry-up and become straight after applying the rubber-bands. so, consider sleeping with your hair secured with rubber-bands until the next morning or just leave the rubber-bands in for a few-hours before removing them. In fact, make sure that your hair is completely before removing the rubber-bands and also start removing the rubber-bands at the ends of the ponytails while working your way up.


METHOD-3: How to comb hair inorder to straighten it:

  1. Acquire a medium-toothed or fine-toothed comb

    : inorder to brush your hair straight, you will need to use a fine or medium-toothed comb but this actually depends on the thickness and length of your hair. On the other hand, you may use a hair-brush if you want but it may result into a bit wavy-hair. However, the hair-combing method to straighten is good for someone with enough time to keep combing until it gets dry.

  2. Wash hair using a shampoo and conditioner: you need to thoroughly wash hair with a quality conditioning-shampoo just before you start combing it. However, if you don’t have the time to comb hair then consider spraying it with some water inorder to make it damp and after comb through it gently. Lastly, make sure that your hair is well-dried and feel damp before you begin styling it.
  3. Apply an anti-frizz serum into hair: apply some little anti-frizz serum into hair is optional but very important because it helps to make hair straighter and even prevents hair from becoming frizzy. On the other hand, you may also apply some little leave-in conditioner or regular-conditioner to the hair-ends before you begin brushing it.
  4. Start combing your hair: use your comb to distribute the anti-frizz serum or conditioner throughout hair as remove any tangles/knots from it. In fact, you will need to let your hair air-dry and then comb it every few minutes as it dries inorder to achieve perfect straightening results. Additionally, start combing your hair from the roots as you move downwards (hair-tips) and then hold each section of hair taut for about 10-to-20 seconds after the combing-process. You can also speed-up the combing-drying process by sitting in-front of a fan but it requires combing non-stop until hair dries-up which is a bit tiresome.
  5. Finish combing your hair: you will need to keep combing hair until it’s completely dry and straight. So, after achieving the straight hairstyle you wanted you will have stop combing hair and then apply a quality hold and shine-enhancing hairspray inorder to keep your hair in place and looking great. However, you should know that combing-process may leave your hair with some waves but it will still look a bit straighter usual uncombed hair.

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