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How To Look Younger At 30 Naturally

The skin is a mirror that reflects the condition your entire body and you can actually tell whether your healthy or not by simply looking at your skin complexion. So, it’s very important to take good care of your skin coupled with a healthy lifestyle so that you can always feel and look great. All in all, this post will list for you different of maintaining your skin on any part of the body so that you can look naturally younger even at 30-years.


MEHTOD-1: General Ways of Keeping The Skin Looking Healthy And Naturally Younger By 30:

  1. Know your skin-type: knowing your skin-type will actually help you choose the right products to use on it. So, consider seeking professional advice from a skin-doctor in-order to know your exact skin-type and how to care for it.


  1. Wash your skin regularly: try to cleanse your skin carefully every morning and evening. So, take a shower every morning and evening in-order to get rid of dirt and oils that clog the skin.


  1. Drink a lot of water: try to drink plenty of water daily because this helps to keep the skin looking fresh and younger. However, avoid taking drinks containing caffeine and sugar because they are not for your health.


  1. Use skin-products that contain natural-products: always consider using natural skin-products that don’t contain harmful chemicals and ingredients. In fact, chemical-based skincare products will damage your natural skin appearance over time.


  1. Remove makeup before going to bed: always remember to remove makeup from your skin before going to bed. Additionally, try to leave your skin makeup for at least once a week in-order to allow it to breathe and avoid using poor-quality makeup because it will damage your skin over time.


  1. Protect the skin from extreme temperatures: avoid exposing your skin to extreme heat-temperatures because this causes the skin to dry-out. So, try to apply a sunscreen-cream to your skin before going out into extreme heat-temperatures.


  1. Eat a healthy diet: everything you eat actually affects the health of your skin and that’s why you need to go for healthy diet in-order to keep your skin looking and young over time. On the other hand, always eat foods rich in antioxidant vitamins like citrus-fruits and green leafy vegetables because they can supply the recommend daily amount of these nutrients. Additionally, you should acquire these nutrients through natural-foods and avoid using dietary supplements because they may cause detrimental effects to your body.


  1. Workout your body:

    Exercising is actually very good for body and skin because it helps you clean-up clogged-up pores through sweating while keeping your body physically fit and healthy.


METHOD-2: How To Care For Hand-Skin:

  1. Use hand-care products regularly: in order to avoid noticeable age-spots on your hands, rough-texture or worn looking skin, consider using regular hand care. In fact, most people say that they can tell the true age of a lady by looking at her hands and that’s why you need to take care of your hands.


  1. Tryout an Anti-aging skincare product: most women usually focus on skincare treatments for the face and eye area and often overlook the hands. In fact, hands also need to be moisturized and protected from the sun that causes severe damage in the long-run. So, consider getting an anti-aging skincare cream in-order to correct damage already done to the hands and protect them from sun-exposure.


METHOD-3: How To Take Care Of Foot-Skin:

  1. Soak the feet in a relaxing aromatherapy footbath: you feet actually need regular care in order to keep them looking great and healthy throughout. So, soak your feet into a relaxing aromatherapy footbath in order to keep them looking fresh and soft.


  1. Exfoliate your feet: your feet actually accumulate a lot dead-skin compared other body-parts and that’s why you will need to exfoliate your feet with a foot-scrub in order to remove any dead-skin.


  1. Moisturize your feet: some parts of the feet are actually very dry like the heels and that’s why you will have to moisturize them with a heavy-duty foot-balm. All in all, your skincare routine won’t be complete until you include the feet.


METHOD-3: How to Care For Scalp-Skin:

  1. Wash the scalp regularly: if you see white dandruff flakes on your shoulders then just know that it’s not your hair that needs to be treated but it’s actually your scalp that needs to be treated. So, regularly wash your scalp using a good-quality shampoo and warm-water in order to remove any dead-skin.


  1. Use botanical or natural-based products to clean and treat the scalp: when cleaning or treating your scalp from conditions like; dandruff, consider using natural-based products like; tea-tree oil instead of using chemical-based products which can just dry out your scalp-skin.


  1. Moisturize your scalp:

    you will have to moisturize your scalp-skin using natural moisturizers like; olive-oil and coconut-oil in-order to prevent dandruff and to prevent total dry out of the scalp.

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