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Single Women Guide - How To Be More Attractive To Men

In this edge, it takes more than a pretty face and great -figure for a man to find you attractive. In fact, researchers have shown that while physical attractiveness is important, your personality is even of more than your looks. In fact, to become more attractive to men requires focusing and developing positive qualities like respect, confidence, and generosity, honesty, listening, flirting and maintaining a healthy body. So, in this post I’m going to provide you with some of the method you can use to make yourself more attractive to men and this information will be of great help to single ladies.


METHOD-1: How To Have A Good Personality:

  • Be confident: being confident means feeling secure and comfortable with whom you are and your abilities. In fact, for most ladies being confident is easier said than done. However, if you not confident and you really need to build your self-confidence then there are several ways that can help with building self-esteem. For example, if you’re struggling with negative self-talk like I’m a loser, stupid, etc then consider working on it with positive affirmations like I’m a good-person, wise, winner, etc. Lastly, confident people are always able to celebrate the success of others without feeling jealous or bad about them.


  • Try to relax and live in the moment: it’s actually hard to enjoy life if your mind is thinking of the past or future. So, consider enjoying the moment you’re in by taking note of what you just said or what might happen next. On the other hand, if you feel nervous and unsure of what to say then just ask questions. In fact, being focused and relaxed during your time with others is a great way of enjoying your company and even seek it again.


  • Try to-be an active listener: if you’re talking to a guy you like and you want to get them to like you then consider actively listening to them when talking. In fact, active listening involves; not interrupting or judging the person talking, nodding the head to give short verbal-signs, paraphrasing what they said and asking questions to show that you’ve paying attention and interested in what they are saying.


  • Be respectful but honest: try to be honest and tell the guy what you really think instead of telling him what he wants to hear. However, be respectful while talking to him because it’s bad to insult him and his ideas.


  • Share your interests and passions

    : when people talk about their passions and interests, it helps them to get closer and fully alive. So, when talking the guy you like, don’t be afraid to reveal the little things that are important to you. However, try to also ask questions about his interests because this will show him that you’re interested in getting to know him better and this could help him feel closer to you.


  • Try to-do things that enrich your life: always try to learn things that enrich your life like learning a musical-instrument, taking dance-classes, joining recreational sports teams and going for a marathon. These activities will make you happy and fulfilled hence making you more attractive to men. Additionally, having several hobbies will give you more things to talk about and more opportunities to bond with that guy.


  • Show that you’re caring: try to-do little things to show him that you care and interested in him. For example, if you’re at a party, then ask him if he needs some snacks or something to drink. In fact, studies have shown that if you’re a supportive, loving and stable, then people are more likely to get attracted to you and even consider you as a potential partner.


  • Try to-be honest about who you are: Always be honest to your partner and tell him what you really like and what you don’t like most especially if you’re still dating. Additionally, don’t pretend to-be someone else because with time your partner will get know who you really are and this may lead to break-ups. However, if you’re unhappy with whom you are and you want to change in-order to become happier then do it. But if you’re with a guy that requires you to be someone completely different then just know that you shouldn't be with him.


METHOD-2: How To Boost Your Physical Attractiveness:

  • Know that your physical-appearance is just part of your attractiveness: Although physical-elements play a key-role in a man's initial attraction to a woman, other factors are also important like humor, beliefs and personality. However, men generally like women that appear healthy and young with a good-skin, youthful face and trim-figures.


  • Try to Recognize your beauty: there is always beauty in you no-matter your body-shape, skin-color, size and hair-type. In fact, studies show that other people find you 20% more attractive than you see yourself. So, stop judging yourself harshly and start recognizing your beauty. Don’t stress yourself with today's conventional beauty standards because beauty standards will continue to shift through time.


  • Go for your personal style:

    your style should actually be an expression of your personality rather than copying someone else's style. So, wear items that fit you well, match your body-type and even make you feel comfortable and confident. All in all, play around with different styles, accessories and colors until you find something that makes you feel great.


  • Work on your favorite body-features: every woman has certain features she really loves about her body and these can be eyes, hair, cheeks, chin, figure, etc. so, whatever feature it is that other people will find attractive about you, just find ways of making it stand-out by simply putting-on certain clothes, accessories or makeup that accentuates that particular feature.


  • Wear Makeup: Most men actually find women more attractive when wearing makeup but some men like women with less makeup. However, as a woman it’s very important to-do things that make you feel comfortable and this implies that you can wear the makeup if it makes feel great or not wear makeup if it makes you feel uncomfortable.


  • Work on your lips: Studies have shown that most men are more attractive to women's lips compared to any other body part. So, consider applying some lipstick especially red-lipstick because this will help to make your lips more attractive to most men.


  • Monitor the pitch of your voice: studies have shown that most men find women with higher-pitched voices more attractive than those with lower-pitched voices. However, don’t force your voice and try to-be yourself because men are more attracted to confident women no-matter their voice-pitch.
  • Try to give your body an hourglass shape: studies have shown that most men are more attracted to hourglass figures that feature a small-waist and larger-hips. However, an hourglass shape is the rarest body-type, so don't stress yourself if you don't naturally have it.

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