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How To Find The Right Makeup For Oily Skin

Makeup specially designed to suit oily skin conditions is hard to find because such makeup should not clog the pores in order to allow the skin to breathe throughout the day while wearing makeup. In fact, oil skin-types can be quite sensitive and many treatments on the market today are harsh to such skin-types. So, in this post I will provide you with detailed steps on how to choose the right makeup for your oily-skin and how to take care of your oily skin:


SECTION-1: Deciding On the Best Makeup to Choose For Your Oily-Skin:

  • Stay away from skin-drying cosmetics/Makeup: when choosing makeup or foundation, stay away from skin-drying brands or cosmetics that may clog your skin-pores. So, consider choosing a makeup brand that works perfectly on your sensitive and oily skin.
  • Take note of your pores and skin-tone when choosing makeup: you will have to choose makeup that complements and matches your skin-tone because it will help to eliminate any imperfections in pores, skin-tone and texture. In fact, even if you get a makeup type that is appropriate for your pores and skin-type, choosing an incorrect color-tone that is either lighter or darker will affect your appearance. So, always get makeup that balances with your skin-tone for best results.
  • Invest in high-quality makeup: try to buy high-quality makeup that makes you look great no-matter your skin-type or pores. However, quality makeup is a bit expensive but it will help to give you a more natural-look by revealing in your pores and skin while cheap-makeup tends to sit on the surface of the skin giving you a plastic look. All in all, consider getting good-quality makeup that is not very expensive but when it meets your skin-type and pore needs.
  • Choose makeup designed for sensitive and oily skins: when buying makeup for your oily-skin, make sure that you get one labeled "exclusively for use on sensitive pores and skin". Additionally, avoid cosmetics with a lot of fragrances and high-dye amounts or preservatives. Additionally, make sure that the makeup you’re getting in non-allergic for best health results.
  • Select multi-purpose makeup: you can also decide to get multipurpose makeup because it will work perfectly for different skin-circumstances you may encounter. In fact, such types of makeup are designed to blend your pores and skin no-matter its condition. All in all, you should know that even usual skin and pores could have seasons throughout the monthly-cycle where they can get very oily than normal.
  • Choose oil-free makeup

    : if you have very oily pores and skin, then go for an oil-free primer and then apply matte foundation because it won’t clog the pores. Additionally, use loose powder because it contains fewer oils and blot the skin and pore periodically in-order to get rid of nay shine. Lastly, avoid using creams for eye-shadow, mascara and creamy model-lip pencils.

  • Avoid using drying and greasy makeup-cleansers: Avoid using drying or greasy cleansers to remove makeup. This is mainly because such cleansers will react unfavorably with your pores and skin. So, consider using a water-soluble cleanser that is mild because it’s actually the best no-matter your skin-type or pores.


SECTION-2: How to Care for Your Oil-Skin:

  • Clean your skin on regularly: it’s very important to clean your skin regularly because this helps to remove any dirt and oil from it. Additionally, cleansing the skin even helps to prevent the production of excess oil and acne. However, if your skin is too oily then consider using an oil-free cleanser but if it’s not too-oily then use lukewarm water to cleanse it.
  • Avoid over washing the skin: although cleaning your skin is very important, avoid washing it too often or too-vigorously because this will just irritate the skin and strip its natural-oils or even lead to over-production of oil. So, washing your oily-skin twice a day is enough to help keep it looking clean and to prevent acne.
  • Use a moisturizer designed for use oily-skin: always a moisturizer formulated for use on oily-skins after washing the face. In fact, a properly hydrated skin will help to prevent overproduction of oils and even avoids acne. So, use an oil-free and non-comedogenic moisturizer at any pharmacies and department store.
  • Regularly exfoliate the skin: Dead-skin can actually clog the pores and stimulate the production of oil while causing acne. So, gently exfoliate the skin regularly in-order to remove any dead-skin and bacteria and exfoliating even helps to control your oily-skin. On the other hand, choose an exfoliator with either natural or synthetic beads that are of a uniform shape. In fact, harsh exfolitors/scrubs can cause severe irritation and lead to an oilier skin with a lot of acne.
  • Use a skincare-product that absorbs excess oils: Applying a product that absorbs excess-oils will help to keep away bacteria and dead-skin that cause acne. So, go for salicylic acid treatment or a weekly clay-mask to help absorb excess-oils and purify the skin. Additionally, you can even use oil-blotting papers to soak-out excess-oils from the face but make sure that you don’t over-use these products because this may irritate your skin.
  • Use non-comedogenic, oil-free and hypo-allergenic skincare-products

    : when it comes to using skincare products like; moisturizers, sunscreens and makeup, always choose oil-free and hypo-allergenic products because they won’t clog your pores and will help to control your skin's oil-production. In fact, skincare products marked "oil-free" don’t contain any oils; those marked "non-comedogenic" are designed for use on acne-prone skin while those marked "hypoallergenic" are formulated for use sensitive-skin.

  • Remove makeup before going to bed: going to bed with makeup can actually clog your skin-pores and this may result into an oilier skin. So, remove any makeup using a gentle cleanser or makeup-remover before going to bed. In fact, most cleansers are very effective at removing makeup without irritating your skin.
  • Shower after every exercise: after working-out or exercising, always get a shower in-order to remove any excess bacteria and oils on the skin that may have accumulated during the workout-process. However, don’t wash the skin with harsh bar-soaps but instead use gentle-soaps for best results.

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