African American Human Hair Wigs 2017

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African American ladies really love wearing human hair wigs and this is mainly because such wigs are very versatile and can actually be styled into any preferred hairstyle just like your natural hair. In fact, human-hair wigs are actually made out of real hair from people and this means that these wigs will make any woman to look natural when wearing them and human-hair wigs can also last for quite a long period of time compared synthetic hair wigs. on the other hand, there are also different types of human-hair wigs and among them includes; Brazilian human-hair wigs, Remy human-hair wigs and much more hence this implies that its upon the user to choose a particular type of human-hair wig in order to fulfill her styling needs. All in all, I have listed for you some of the best human-hair wigs and in all styles so that you can be able to select a hairstyle that will meet your styling requirements.

African American Human Hair Wig

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The African American lady featured above is having an amazing human-hair wig with one-side longer than the other coupled with a simple side-swept fringe which cuts slightly through her forehead and then diffuses into the hair on the sides. This human-hair wig is slightly textured throughout and this actually helps to enhance on hair volume and movement while the different tones on color within this hairstyle help to add dimension and to create a playful effect throughout. Additionally, this hairstyle leaves almost all facial-features visible and this means that it will make any lady to look simple and beautiful while at the same time making her feel free and comfortable compared to longer hairstyles. All in all, if you have searching for a short-to-medium length hairstyle, then this exact human hair wig will work perfectly for you.

African American Curly Human Hair Wig

African American Curly Human Hair Wig


This African American lady is wearing a medium-length human hair wig that has been curled throughout and shaped in form of a long-bob so as to perfectly frame-out her long face shape. In fact, this human-hair wig contains small and textured curls which are tangled together and this actually helps to increase hair-volume while the simple curled fringe helps to draw extra attraction and attention towards her eyes. On top of that, this curly human-hair wig features 2-tones of color which include a black-tone and dark-brown traces whereby all these colors generate perfect contrast when put together with her lighter skin-tone. Lastly, this human-hair wig is just long-enough whereby it stops just over the shoulders and this means that it will make any woman to feel comfortable and also look beautiful and elegant enough for any prom-function.

Short African American Human Hair Wig:

Short African American Human Hair Wig


This nice-looking African-American lady is actually putting on simple and short human-hair wig which cover only the crown and sides of her head coupled with a wispy full-front fringe that helps to draw optimum attention towards her oval face-shape. In fact, if you take a closer look you will notice that this hairstyle slightly textured and styled in form of short waves that fall over each other coupled with a deep side parting which helps to distribute hair on both sides of the head. On top of that, the sides where clipped short while the crown-section was left with a lot of hair and this contrast between hair-volume actually gives this lady boyish and playful look that it also elegant enough to have when going for any important party or ceremony. Another amazing thing about this human-hair wig is the dark color-tone that contrasts well with this lady’s chocolate skin and bright eyes. In conclusion, if you really want to tryout a short hairstyle without clipping-short you natural hair, then just purchase a short human-hair wig like this one because it can be styled into different hairstyles and it also very easy to use and maintain compared to your natural hair.

Wavy African American Human Hair Wig:

Wavy African American Human Hair Wig


In case you love long, wavy hairstyles but when you are not naturally gifted with long hair, then this wavy human-hair wig will work perfectly for you. In fact, the African-American woman seen in the picture above is having a sexy wavy human-hair wig that is styled smooth and sleek at the crown but as hair fall off her head in turns into gorgeous, soft waves with a sassy texture hence generating a lot of hair-volume in the lower-sections. Additionally, this human-hair wig features a textured, full-front fringe that covers entire forehead thus drawing optimum attention towards this lady’s sexy eyes while framing-out the square-shaped face. On top of that, the feathery and textured hair-tips that fall just over her shoulders help to add extra movement and a playful effect within this wavy hairstyle while the black color-tone with some brown traces helps to place optimum focus towards her entire head of hair. All in all, women who wish to look elegant, simple and elegant when going for important functions should actually try acquiring this wavy human-hair wig because its multi-purpose and it will enable them to achieve any preferred hairstyle.

Sassy African American Human Hair Wig:

Sassy African American Human Hair Wig


The African-American lady displayed in the image above is actually wearing a sassy or fully-textured human-hair wig that is styled in form of a bob-hairstyle coupled with a wispy side-swept bang that covers almost her entire forehead in order to draw extra attention towards her eyes and the entire face. In fact, this human-hair wig contains short disconnected layers on top and longer textured layers under hence this helps to generate a lot of hair-volume while giving this lady a playful look around the head. In terms of hair-color, this human-hair wig actually contains a dark-black tone throughout and this matches perfectly with the slightly light skin-tone of the lady hence making her look just perfect and beautiful enough to rock any function. In conclusion, if you are a kind of woman who loves thick, short-to-medium length hairstyles then this particular human hair wig will help you achieve your styling needs.