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40 Best African American Wigs

Sometimes you don't have to bother yourself with salons and all those complicated natural hairstyles which require too much time to maintain and style. A wig is the best option for you because it does not require too much work yet most of them look exactly like natural hair. The other advantage of wearing wigs/weaves -  is flexibility/ability to change hairstyle overnight.

For example, a glueless wig can be changed/get replaced by a new wig style at any time. This is a good option for women who prefer having new looks every day/week. In this detailed review for African American Wigs, I have featured all top-rated styles and well-known brands like Vivica Fox, Motown Tress, Sherri Shepherd and so much more. In total; you can choose from 50 wigs and use the ''Buy it'' link to go to a store selling that wig.

  1. Short Wig Hairstyle For Black Women

Short Wig Hairstyles For Black Women

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In position 1 we have the Feathered Pixie wig by Sherri Shepherd NOW. This is one of the best short wig hairstyles for black women. It looks good on all face shapes but you need to keep it moist all day long so that it keeps its smooth and shiny texture.

Due to its short length, ladies who want to look younger can opt for it but make sure you buy the right size for your head. It has volumized layers which make it look natural yet it is a pixie cut synthetic wig. It has a basic top that offers support to the base and at the same time, it adds lift at the root.

It has been well-curved and styled, so you shouldn't worry about that. On the other hand, it has a bang that is swept to the sides, however, since it is just a wig, the bang might not fit very well with your forehead. In that case, you should go to a hairstylist so that they trim the bang according to the size & shape of your head.


Many black ladies complain about excessive heat when they wear wigs. True some wigs are not of high quality which is why you get such issues. But this Feathered Pixie has open wafts which allow air circulation within the wig hence keeping your head cool all the time. Actually, you might even forget that you're wearing a synthetic wig.

  1. Full Lace Wigs for Black Women

Full Lace Wigs for Black Women

In position 2 we have a glamorous Afro Full lace wig. It is 100% human hair with 16 inches so it can look good on women with small long faces. I love curled Afro wigs because they change your looks totally. By default the wig comes in black which is a primary color (it looks good on anyone) however, you can as well choose from many other colors to get a perfect match with your skin tone.

Today; having curly hair should not be a pain, no need of using curling irons and wasting too much time taking care of natural frizzy curls. A human hair lace wig will look 100% like your real hair and no one will tell it’s a wig yet you can switch from curly to straight any time you want. 

  1. Ombre Lace Wigs for Black Women

Ombre Lace Wigs for Black Women

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In position 3 we have an Ombre Lace Wig for Black Women by Sherri Shepherd NOW. I have to admit this wig looks fabulous and so natural. If you have been struggling to grow long thick hair, struggle no more. This Casual Curl wig by Sherri Shepherd NOW is perfect for every woman. Turning natural hair to an Ombre color will require you to mix different tones/dyes.

Yet buying a custom ombre wig will save you all troubles of hair bleaching. Now not only will you escape from hair bleaching but at the same time, you will not expose your natural hair to that excessive heat produced by a curling iron. Save both time and money and opt for this thick curly ombre wig.

  1. Bob Style Lace Wigs for Black Women

Bob Style Lace Wigs for Black Women

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Wow, this is a glamorous straight bob lace wig for black women. I just love its smooth texture and that front bang. Black women with round face shapes, this is the right wig for you because sums up that round fat face very well and the bang will give you a new face shape.

I have friends with this type of wig and the only thing they do is spray it in the morning, brush it straight and that is it; unlike natural straight bobs which require regular hair trimming and flattening.

I don't if I’m just in love with the lady in the picture above or the wig itself. Choose the right size for your head and have your hairstylist trim that front bang very well.

  1. Glueless Lace Wigs for Black Women

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: Naomi Campbell attends the 2011 Angel Ball To Benefit Gabrielle's Angel Foundation at Cipriani Wall Street on October 17, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

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In the picture above we have Naomi Glueless Cap Human hair straight Wig. Black women find it difficult to grow long thick hair so the best solution is to opt for a classy straight wig like the one Noami she's wearing.

This wig will blend with your natural hair very well and it does not require too much maintenance like naturally straight hair.

Its cap comes in two basic sizes. Size 1 has a circumference of 21.5"/22" and the front nape is 14. Size 2 has a circumference of 22.5"/23" and a front nape of 14.5.

If all seems difficult to digest, go to your hairstylist and ask them for the real size to buy. It has a smooth hair texture that looks exactly like real hair but makes sure you spray it regularly to keep that natural look. 

  1. Silk Top Lace Wigs for Black Women

Silk Top Lace Wigs for Black Women


I'm sure you like to look like a celebrity but this straight hairstyle might be easy to get with natural hair because it will require you to grow that short/medium black hair long and the process & products you have to use to grow hair long might cost you a fortune and the time frame of growing short hair long is quite long.

So in this case, you can opt for this natural color silky straight Brazilian virgin hair top lace wig.

If you look at the picture featured above you can see how it blends with natural hair so no one will easily tell that you're wearing a Brazilian wig. It comes in different lengths but each length has its own price.

The longer the wig the more expensive it is. So if you have a limited budget you can opt for a shoulder-length wig.

I have checked out colors but you can only get it in 4 colors and these include; Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, and Transparent.

  1. African American Human Hair Wigs

African american human hair wigs


If you love curly hair, try out this Curly Lace Front African American Wig. It looks quite natural, frizzy, and thick so you have to spray it well so that it retains that shiny texture.

Curly wigs don't get frizzy very fast like natural curls because they depend on artificial supplements like; curly hair sprays'' yet natural curls will depend mostly on an oily scalp.

The hair material for this wig is 100% Indian Remy and the texture is curly. It is categorized as a short wig so if you love medium-curled hair, this is the best selection I have found.

When it comes to colors, you might opt for black because it looks good on everyone, or chooses from other shades like; Brown, Blonde, Mixed shades, and Funky shades.

  1. African American Vivica Fox Wigs

African American Vivica Fox Wigs


I will dedicate this choice to mature black women. Also, young girls can opt for this style but it might make you look older, so if that is your intention, then I have no reason of stopping you. Eden Wig by Vivica Fox has a smooth straight top and a wavy bottom.

Other features which describe this wig properly include; a feathered side, a back cut that features a side skin, and a pure stretch cap construction.

Now, this is the kind of wig you should wear if you're growing that short hair long because its side skin part construction creates space for natural hair to grow freely.

To look stylish, sweep the front bang to the sides just like the lady in the photo above did.

  1. African American Bobbi Boss Wigs

African American Bobbi Boss Wigs


Dramatically change your looks with this Bobbi Boss short wavy wig. I love the thick waves, those are very hard to make in natural short hair and at the same time, they are difficult to maintain.

But this Bobbi Boss Wig is very easy to maintain and its waves will always look natural and styled.

All you have to do is to keep it moist so that it retains its smooth texture just like natural hair. If you love short hair, you can buy different short wigs and alternate them every now and then to get new looks.

This Wig is made of high-quality fibers which look exactly like natural hair. It is a very comfortable wig to wear, so there is no need of using glue or tape.

  1. African American Motown Tress Wigs

African American Motown Tress Wigs


The main reason why I love Motown Tress Wigs is that they look 100% natural and they have a very soft material that does not hold too much heat. Have a clear look at the H-SADA wig by Motown Tress. It is a short smooth wig shaped in form of a short bob cut.

This is a very nice hairstyle for both young and mature women. It pulls shows off all facial features yet at the same time hides your forehead. It is 100% Human Hair so I was not wrong in the first place - upgrade your looks this weekend with a smooth short bob wig.

Some special features on this wig include; Cap design which is cool and comfortable - allowing air circulation (2) 100% Human Hair.

  1. Blonde African American Human Hair Wigs

Blonde African American Human Hair Wigs


I have to admit I can't wear a blonde short wig because I have dark skin but ladies with light skin, look nice with blonde wigs/hairstyles.

I just love this pixie-cut wig. It has a bang that you can sweep to both sides to hide some section of your forehead. Blonde wigs can get dirty easily so you have to keep them in a clean dirt-free space.

To keep it smooth and nice looking, spray it with a blonde hair spray and brush it well. If the front bang does not seem perfect on your face, go to a hairstylist and have them trim it well so that it compliments your face as required.

  1. African American Remy Human Hair Wigs

African American Remy Human Hair Wigs


I have not featured lots of Wigs from Outre Velvet because they're not so many of them out there which makes comparison very difficult.

However, this shoulder-length thick 100% Remi Human Hair is unresistible. Okay, people will know it is not your hair because it is not easy for African American Women to grow such thick long hair, but whatever the case, everyone will comment on your fabulous looks and I'm sure that is what you want.

It is a suitable wig for ladies with oval/diamond and heart face shapes. You can get it in 3 colors only ''Black, Brown, and Ombre''.

  1. African American Human Hair Blend Wigs

African American Human Hair Blend Wigs


This is an exclusive sugar brown human hairstyle mixed wig. It is designed to last for a long and it can withstand all heated hair-styling products.

So once it gets out of its shape, fix it back with a flat iron or any other related heated tool. It does not itch when it gets contact with the scalp/skin; it is naturally soft and comfortable to wear.

Hair blend wigs don't look like real wigs because they blend very well with your natural hair and they have the same color as your natural hair.

Some of the benefits of wearing this blend-in lace front wig include; Flexibility, skin-friendly lace, maximum comfort, no odors or irritations, Breathable fabric which improves air circulation, and a very easy-to-cut hairline.

  1. African American Synthetic Hair Wigs

African American Synthetic Hair Wigs


The only difference between this African American Full Curly Mid and the one I featured in position 2 is material & thickness. This wig is synthetic and it has a very thick volume.

This type of wig will require you to use enough hair spray to make it soft and smooth. If you don't take care of it, direct sunlight will evaporate the moisture in it and make it look frizzy just like naturally curly hair.

Ladies with small face shapes look better with volumized curly wigs, I guess that explains why the lady in the photo above looks fabulous.

If curls lose shape, you can fix them with a curling iron because the fibers used to make this wig are heat-friendly. It is a lightweight and comfortable wig that you can wear for a very long time.

  1. African American Curly Wigs

African American Curly Wigs


The majority of black women love curly hair however, this type of hairstyle is not easy to archive. So the best option is to buy a curly wig like the one featured in the photo above.

This wig has soft curls but they don't seem to be synthetic, so if you don't spray them well, they can get dry and frizzy very fast.

It comes in two colors, brown & blonde so you can choose from any of those two colors. The synthetic fiber from which this wig is made is heat resistant; so if some of the curls start getting loose, flatten them well and curl them again with a curling iron.

This soft curly wig will give you a fresh and new look. It features a Lace Front design which makes it appear natural and at the same time makes it easy to style.

If you want this wig to last for so many years, take care of it very well. Some of the things you can do include; using the right curly hair spray, and placing it on a wig stand when not in use - this will preserve its style.

  1. African American Lace Front Wigs

African American Lace Front Wigs


This wig is an unprocessed virgin Brazilian full lace glueless wig with a front lace design. It actually looks like your hair and I love it in black color. This long wig is straight at the top and it gets wavy at the bottom.

The black color does not shade and the fiber does not tangle so your money will be well spent. It comes in various textures, so if you don't like the texture above; you can choose from the following textures;

Afro Curl, Body wave texture, Tight Curls, Loose Curls, Fully Straight, Braid texture, Light Yaki, and Kinky texture. At least with all these choices, you won't fail to get what you need.

  1. Short Bob Wigs for Black Women

Short Bob Wigs for Black Women


For ladies who love bob haircuts or medium-short wigs, this is the best choice for you. Hair stops below the chin but it does not go up to the shoulders.

I have found this type of wig ideal in the summertime because it does not keep too much heat and air circulates very well below the cap.

Now for the sake of the bang, the majority of you will need to go to a stylist to get a custom shape for the bang based on the shape of your face.

Sweeping that bang to the side will give your face a new shape and it will dramatically upgrade your looks. This Short Bob Human Hair Wig with Mixed Colors is ideal for every for Women.

  1. African American Straight Wigs

African American Straight Wigs


When it comes to African American wigs, Vivica Fox is a great inspiration for a lot of African American women reason being she rocks her wigs really beautifully, and elegantly but most of all she remains to look natural.

If she is your idol well here you have a really cool perfectly layered shoulder-length straight wig to try out.

I love how the layers of this wig play around with her heart-shaped face plus the curvy ends which are very flattering. This wig is made from heat-friendly synthetic fiber which means once in a while you can add some curls or waves to it for a whole new different look.

Also, the wig features a center skin part giving its style a lot more detail and creating a completely natural appearance.

Then lastly this wig has a very blend of neutral colors that is dark brown with some low lights of coffee which makes it a perfect choice for absolutely any African American skin complexion.

  1. 100% Remy Human Hair Long Straight Full Lace Wig

Remy Human Hair Long Straight Full Lace Wig


Those who have naturally long curly hair know how hard it is to make it straight yet sometimes all you need to stand out is flowing straight and sleek hair. In such cases don’t bother fighting with your hair to make it straight, simply grab yourself a straight human hair wig just like the one portrayed in this image and you will be good to go.

This wig has very smooth long straight fibers which are slightly curvy on the ends and besides the center part in which it is styled in this particular picture, you can style this wig in any direction of your choice due to its monofilament top.

Take note of the fact that it is 100% Remy human hair which means that it can be styled into curls, waves, or even cut to a length you feel is most comfortable for you.

Unlike natural hair such a wig does not easily get tangled so as you invest in this wig, you will be more than sure it is worth each and every penny you will spend on it.

  1. African American Pixie Wigs

African American Pixie Wigs


If you have long hair and are not willing to cut it short then do not beat yourself over that when you can simply do a pixie wig and keep that long hair covered inside.

The pixie wig featured above has playful short layers and razor-cut ends which are extremely daring and create the right volume amount for the face shape that she has.

It has a full face bang which is also cut through for that super stylish and face-framing detail with longer layers protruding down to her cheeks from the sides.

Layers at the back of the wig are cut super short while the layers at the crown are stacked for ultimate volume and height. Any heart, round, or oval face shape will undoubtedly look fabulous with this wig.

  1. African American Blonde Wigs

African American Blonde Wigs

There is a saying that blondes have the most fun and with the way African Americans stand out with blonde hair, I am actually starting to believe the saying is true.

The combination of a long and blonde is simply overwhelming and the way, the beauty looks in this image makes any woman give this a shot.

It is parts right from the center bringing out the appearance of natural hair growth and falls all the way down below the shoulders.

To make it even more fashionable, it is detailed with a full face bang that covers the eyebrows, this wig is just the true definition of simplicity with elegance.

  1. Human Hair Half Wig for Black Women

Human Hair Half Wig for Black Women


For that super trendy and convenient wig, there is no better option than this half wig, it has just the perfect length stopping only at the shoulders so it will work for anyone that isn’t fun of short hair and does not fancy extremely long hair either.

The upper part just next to the roots is black in color, thereafter it is detailed with some brown contrasts for a more outstanding appearance.

It is very simple, will only take you a few minutes to style, is amazingly comfortable, and most of all very feminine.

  1. Lob Hairstyle Mid-length Straight Side Swept Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Lob Hairstyle Mid-length Straight Side Swept Synthetic Lace Front Wig


If you didn’t know, now is the time to know that lob this year lob hairstyles are in trend so if you haven’t yet given it a try, now is the time to, and in the above picture is a perfect alternative for you to begin with.

This straight wig is a designed with lace front which gives you that entirely natural-looking hairline and allows you to style or part just the way you do with your natural hair.

Here it has been styled with a side sweep which is forever stylish, its black color, shine, and blunt ends are what make this wig very unique and more adorable.

  1. Elegante Fashionable Short Curly Lace Front Synthetic Wig

Elegante Fashionable Short Curly Lace Front Synthetic Wig


Yes, it is very true that straight can be turned into any other style without too much fuss but creating curls will definitely take you sometimes therefore save yourself the trouble by going for this short curly wig.

This hand-made wig has lots of texture and just the right amount of volume for that natural appearance that everyone will admire. It is further detailed with some light brown highlights just so your skin tone will stand out as well.

So for any straight-haired woman who would love to turn curly in just a flash of time, this short curly wig will definitely work for you. Keep using your fingers to remove tangles to keep the wig looking its best.

  1. Tapered Tomboy by Sherri Shepherd NOW

Tapered Tomboy by Sherri Shepherd NOW


Short hairstyles get more and more popular every other day so it is the detail that you give yours that makes it stand out from all the rest.

This tomboy wig features short playful and well-tapered layers forming the perfect frame for a square or diamond face shape.

It is very important that you use the lowest heat setting when you are working on this synthetic wig.

  1. H-6310 Gaby by Motown Tress

H-6310 Gaby by Motown Tress


Sometimes the simple things are the best and that is exactly what you will get from this super modern short wig. This human hair wig is made with the blunt page style and is extremely smooth all through. The best face shapes for this wig are round and oval.

  1. Short Straight Black Hair Full Lace Wig

Short Straight Black Hair Full Lace Wig


Angled short haircuts disappoint not just because they are very trendy right now but also because they flatter every face shape.

This straight wig has short layers at the back and crown while at the front it is left longer. if you thought round faces cannot pull off short wigs perfectly, give this one a try and you will be amazed.

  1. Layered Bob Hairstyle Mid-length Straight Capless Synthetic Wig

Layered Bob Hairstyle Mid-lenght Straight Capless Synthetic Wig


This mid-length synthetic wig is straight but its voluminous layers make it seem like it is wavy and that is what makes it really exceptional. It also features a very light bang which forms that daring look that any woman would love to have.

  1. FX-Copa by Motown Tress

FX-Copa by Motown Tress


It’s only with a wig that you can go both curly and straight without overexposing your natural hair to heat damage.

The medium-length synthetic wig featured above has nicely flipped curls plus a flex cap design that easily stretches in different directions making it perfect for any head size.

If you choose to detangle this wig, endeavor to do it with a wig comb, not just any regular comb.

  1. Classic Afro Hairstyle Short Kinky Curly Hand Made Full Lace Wig 100% Real Human Hair

Classic Afro Hairstyle Short Kinky Curly Hand Made Full Lace Wig 100% Real Human Hair


Short afro kinky curls will never ever go out of style and all they need is a slight detail for them to stand out.

In this picture, Solange is rocking a real human hair afro kinky wig and we simply fell in love with her natural appearance. It is almost impossible for anyone to know she is wearing a wig.

  1. Sleek Angle by Sherri Shepherd NOW

Sleek Angle by Sherri Shepherd NOW


I love every bit of this synthetic wig from being super sleek, angled and to its beautiful contrast of colors.

All through the wig is a bunch of soft layers which create enough volume without too weighing the wig down.

The heat-friendly wig also has a razor cut banged for added style together with a stacked back for exceptional framing.


  1. Rihanna Haircut Beautiful Wig 100% Human Hair Straight and Smooth


Rihanna Haircut Beautiful Wig 100% Human Hair Straight and Smooth


Rihanna never goes wrong with her hairstyles especially the short hairstyles, on this one she is rocking a capless, straight human hair wig. oval face shapes know that they will never go wrong with this super short wig.

  1. Nicki Minaj Hairstyle 22 Inches Blonde with Black Roots

 Nicki Minaj Hairstyle 22 Inches Blonde with Black Roots


Blonde stands out on its own and the center is so trendy that any stylish African American woman would definitely fall in love with this wig.

This full lace wig is black only on the roots and the rest of it is blonde, it is very long for those women who treasure long hair and are not lucky enough to have their natural hair grow to this length.

The fluffy ends add more interest to the whole wig, please do not add color to this wig.

  1. African American Hairstyle Short Curly Black Full Lace Wig

 African American Hairstyle Short Curly Black Full Lace Wig


If you are looking for the most natural look then look no further than this afro full lace front wig. This is one of those wigs that you can wake up with in the morning without even touching it and still look absolutely fabulous, it is amazingly effortless.

Because of its texture, it might tend to get too frizzy but washing your wig with the right shampoo in the proper way plus applying some wig spray will surely keep your wig in shape.

  1. Sexy Pretty Long Loose Wave Lace Front Wigs

Long Loose Wave Lace Front Wigs For Black Women 24 inches


Considering how hard it is for African American women to grow their hair to such a length, opting for this long wig makes such a great alternative.

This wig has less density from the top where it begins and as it goes to the back and shoulders, its density increases.

What I love the most about this brown outstanding wig is the fact that anyone can good look with it despite their face shape. Its lace front cap construction guarantees you maximum comfort.

  1. Retro Trend Lovely Medium Straight Black Wig

Retro Trend Lovely Medium Straight Black Wig


Going retro is the in thing lately, gone are the days when people were hesitant to try it out thinking it was out of fashion.

As I said, these thick full face bangs work more for those with long face shapes as it cuts on the length of the face.

It has blunt ends and is black in color which makes it a perfect choice for anyone with African American skin. Always gently brush through your wig because such long wigs can easily get tangled.

  1. Mixed Color Layered Long Straight 100% Human Hair Capless Wig

Mixed Color Layered Long Straight 100% Human Hair Capless Wig


With your colored wig, there is nothing else you need to do to reason it stands out on its own. This two-color mix has really thickly layered fiber falling down just below the shoulders.

The bang that this wig has is not friendly to everyone especially round faces as it makes the face appear much shorter than it already is. However, if you have a long or oval face shape this will definitely work for you.

  1. Monroe



This is a simple straight wig but the way its ends are styled gets someone’s attention at first sight. It features a very simple side sweep which is unique, I simply love how it lets her whole face stand out.

Its smooth fibers curve towards her face while others curve away from the face bringing about an extremely dramatic but special attractive appearance. there’s nothing hard about keeping this straight wig looking good, just keep it well on a wig head to prevent it from getting tangled.

  1. Taraji Penda Henson Medium Loose Wave Lace Front Wig

Taraji Penda Henson Medium Loose Wave Lace Front Wig


There is just no way you can go wrong with a well-layered and wavy wig. This lace front wig has both short and long layers which create the perfect volume for that sexy look.

The most interesting thing about these medium loose waves is that they are very easy to create even when you have a straight wig, it will not be that hard for you to style it into these waves.

This wig does not segregate so your face shape should not make you hesitant about trying it out. Since it is a synthetic wig, the best you can do to keep it in perfect shape is to restrain from constant heat styling it is harmful to the wig fiber and is done too often.

  1. Short Wave Hairstyle Fluffy Natural Smooth Full Lace Wig

Short Wave Hairstyle Fluffy Natural Smooth Full Lace Wig


There is something that short hair does to your age that is why I would personally advise any older women that want to look younger to just go short. On this last image that we have here is a really cool short curly brown wig that will work perfectly for any woman above 50.

Its neutral color makes it perfect for any face shape and its style is a perfect match for just any face shape. all you need is to spray your wig for it to remain smooth and you will be good to rock absolutely any occasion you feel like.

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