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5 Exquisitely Wedding Up Do’s Black Women

Allow me take you through exquisitely wedding up do’s black women pull, however it’s based on braids among other hairstyles women pull like, when they apply hair extensions, on straight hair, on natural long hair an don weave. Each of this category mentioned on top look great on each person basing on age, face shape, skin tone for this exact cause and other purposes. I have seen it wise for braids to be given priority because it brings about that African American identity and above all its one of the hairstyles that serves you perfect on that special day and after almost taking you over a month.

In this way it gives you comfort on your honeymoon since you won’t be rushing to go to salon to make your hair but to have ample time for the two of you to plan for your future. Braid that is pulled into up do look extra ordinal to all black women and right with me as you scroll down the article will find more priories to pick that makes up your mind and you won’t have any regrets.
1. Exquisitely braided up do black women
Look at this babe on top, she pulled long small boxes and in a way to make hair look short? She held it at center top together, then using the same braid ropes she pulled bigger cornrows which she later folded round to kind of pull side bun. so you have to stitch it together for it to stay intact. You will look so fashionable when all hair is pulled from the left, at the back of neck then dragged on the right as you check the lady on top. Any nature of gown you wear with this hairstyle will just look fabulous and without waiting any of your time I guess you're going to try it on for this purpose and other purposes because it matches any occasion.
Determine your face Shape:
This black babe on top looked hot with braid up dos on long face shape; she added teaming makeup that made her looks look war. She painted her eyebrows decently, added color round her eyes that make her look sexy then red sheen she applied on her lips made her stand out. Any of you out there with a different face shape that falls for the exact hairdo will look stunning too.
Hair product to apply:

With braids you can either apply hair food like beeswax this will keep your scalp and hair moisturized or use braids hairspray to moisturize hair on top especially to keep it looking original, while the scalp is kept moisturized. It requires you to apply hairspray to your hair twice in week to avoid hair picking build up early.
Which styling tools apply?
To make this braid up do you need in place braid fibers and it can be Janet collection, kanekalon fiber or any brand that is equivalent to these nearest to you. you will need in place braiding threads to help tie hair in the middle so that it keep in position then last have in place threading needle to join hair using braid threads.

2. Exquisitely Twisted up do black women
For reasons i can't tell, this bride know how to make better choices when it comes to define her personality. She fell for braids to grace her wedding and what she did was to make small long twists round her hair which looked fabulous. To be at peace with her hair so what she did was to make it look short when she held all hair at mid crown. You can tie hair using a tender string or multiple braid threads to make hair settle at the same time not ting it too hard because it can cause you to hurt or even develop headache. Since she pulled long twists she had to fold round braid ropes then finish it on top to pull braid bun. So for the up do to stay intact you then have to thread it through suing braid threads featuring the same color as your hair to seemingly look invisible.
Determine your face Shape:
The bride on top is featuring round face shape, to be realistic haven't seen any one going off topic with braid no matter your face shape. What matters most is the way you style your hair others love it short and for others love it long. She applied bold color on her eye brows, added an attractive color on her eyes and she wound up with pink lip sheen all in unison that made her look awesome. Just have variety of hairstyles to wear on your face shape name it and everything will work out by itself.
Hair product to apply:
Apply anti dandruff hair food to resist itching, for hair to dry out, hair breaking but will instead keep your hair growing and to look original. If you lack any ideal of which hair product to apply try Sulfur 8 Fresh Oil Moisturizing Crème 4 oz.
Which styling tools apply?

You shouldn’t be stressed as to how to make this hair come out perfect because there's nothing new that needs to apply here. Once you have good looking fibers that hold black hair firm that's any braid that is nearest to you and has to be long in length, what awaits you next is to get experienced personnel to make your hair. You will find everything there once you negotiate the cost and to give a clue of what you will find are; braid threads or decent string to tie your hair together, fibers to apply and sickle shaped needle to use when threading through the up do.

3. Exquisitely wedding twist & cornrows black women


Source: Surely you can add pull your hair with medium size cornrows that covers you on the right side, the back and the left hand side processing towards the crown. So the front part of hair is pulled on long twists that falls off shoulders. Mean while as you make the cornrows you pull then up to the sides of the crown then you finish them long with twists. so you will push all hair up and tie it in the middle with either multiple braid threads or soft string that is turned round several times to make it firm. You then collect all twist ropes together and then round in order round the crown pulling them bit tight to make a nice shape then finish it on top and push tips in the middle. use a threading needle with long braid threads through the top hair to make the up do neat and tight enough to stay in position. Make sure when you're done with styling to apply hair product immediately to bring down tension of tight hurting scalp and to moisturize it.

Determine your face Shape:
The lady in the background seems to have round face shape, am telling you if you ever thought of hairstyle that teams will all face shapes id braids. Name you dear face shape and want to style your hair as a bride and other purposes this hairstyle won't let you down. To complete you looks this up do blends with either medium length or long earrings that will make you look beautiful because it tends to make your head appear small so any jewelry you add will do you wonders.
Hair product to apply:
It’s convenient for you to use hairspray because you will use small quantities but the will work on entire hair keeping your hair well moisturized, looking with hair lasting sheen and thus give your hair a healthy look. So i recommend you apply Sulfur 8 Dandruff Treatment for Braids 12 oz. Spray.
Which styling tools apply?

Once you have in place long braid fibers featuring two way colors that's mild black and light brown because they make great blend. Use the fiber that will make your hair look best , however they're several brands on market worldwide with in various destinations that make such hair better if am to list few which are nearest to me like; Darling, Janet collections among other brands. so if you're to purchase the fiber for yourself consult your hairstylist first for best recommendations. You will also need weaving needle plus braid threads to complete your hair.
4. Exquisitely Wedding cornrow and wavy natural

exquisitely-wedding-cornrow-and wavy-natural

Here comes yet another beautiful wedding up so that a bride can wear and stand out. it requires when you have thick long natural hair so part of hair on the left , back of neck and the right hair sides is pulled with cornrows that begin at bottom then come upwards up to mid part of hair. So you later join all cornrows on top starting from the left then you twist tops round up to the extreme right then you stitch it through to make it intact. Now the middle part of your hair is left looking natural but is rather pulled on loose waves from the back looking up wards to give you a messy kind of look. hair towards the forehead is pulled with tight waves falling towards then forehead especially hair on the left hand side then the rest of hair at the extreme front is pulled with tight waves too but not slipping off to the forehead. Your hair will look pretty with two styles and above all giving you confidence that when you retain your natural looks your real picture comes out bold than when you apply weave or hair extension thus looking more prettier than expectations.
Determine your face Shape:
The hair up do pulled with black bride up looks great all women regardless of each individual face shapes. Thus the kind of jewelry you add and outfit you wear defines you whole look at large. You shouldn't hesitate trying this hairstyle either for wedding purposes, for formal purposes and casual because it works in all these areas.
Hair product to apply:
Apply bees wax on your hair because its capable to keep your hair with nice scent wince its formulated with a pleasant fragrance, keep your hair looking shinny, keep it manageable for combing and evenly moisturized.
Which styling tools apply?

First you have to have long natural hair, have in place braiding fibers to make cornrows, a curling tool to pull waves, weaving needle to join twisted cornrows on top and last braid threads to use when adding cornrows together.

5. Exquisitely Wedding cornrows with curly bun

Since the hair industry cannot be exhausted with styling techniques, I thought if you decided to pull all your hair with medium size cornrows that begin at bottom of every side coming towards the center top then you add on top a curly hair extension that is twisted to cover up entire middle top of hair creating a nice up do. you make sure you leave like some cornrows visible on the right and left hand side the rest of cornrows the cover entire front part of hair are covered with the curly extension. its pulled with volume that ascends from the front up to mid hair thus hair at the back is more raised then at the front it’s on medium length. At the end of day you find yourself pulling an amazing up do for your wedding. This hairstyle too is great for other casual purposes and it will peace you off.
Determine your face Shape:
This one of the hairstyle among others that blends perfect with all black women faces. So if you are wearing it as a bride it needs you to fix your tiara on the right hand side then accompany your looks with decent jewelry, make up that maintains your natural look and last your attire of the day. For you to look good no matter your size and shape of body it has to hug you. For the dress shoes put on bridal heels with an accommodating heel to take you through your wedding.
Hair product to apply:
However since part of your hair is pulled on cornrows and curly extension apply hairspray to keep your hair moisturized, looking original all time and healthy so I recommend you use Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray, 11.7 Ounce.
Which styling tools apply?
You will have in place curly hair extension featuring natural black, have in place braid threads to make cornrows and last to weaving needle to add the extension on top of cornrows that's the front part of hair.

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