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Tips On How To Make A Bun In Medium Hair

Many women today love medium-hair because it provides them with different styling-options and it also offers the perfect length to wear a bun. In fact, medium-hair is not so heavy and not too light and this makes it perfect for several up-do and downward hairstyles. However, in this post I’m going to provide you with some of the best methods of making a bun out of your medium-hair inorder to achieve nice-looks.

MEHTOD-1: How to make a low Bohemian Bun out of medium-hair:

  1. Wash, dry-up and comb your hair: before you start styling your hair, you will need to wash it thoroughly using a good conditioning-shampoo and after dry it up gently with a clean towel. When your medium-hair is a bit moist, use a blow-dryer and wide-toothed comb to remove any knots/tangles from it.
  2. Part hair onto one-side: Bohemian-buns are usually generated with a side-part and this implies that you will need to part your hair to a preferred side or consider creating a deeper part inorder to achieve an elegant-look for a particular event. Afterwards, use a wide-toothed comb to brush through your part inorder to ensure that the hair in that section is completely straight.
  3. Gather hair where you need the bun to be positioned: a Bohemian-bun looks pretty when positioned at the nape of your neck but you may also position it higher-up if it’s what you prefer. On the other hand, inorder to achieve a wedding-friendly look you will need to do a side-bun but with the bun just resting under the one-ear. So, grab and gather hair where you want the bun to be positioned just before you start styling it.
  4. Wrap the gathered hair with a hairband: you will now have to wrap a hairband around the gathered hair once inorder to prevent the bun from falling-out after styling it. In fact, it’s recommended to use a tighter hairband because the Bohemian-bun tends to fall-out more easily than other buns.
  5. Wrap the hairband over the ponytail inorder to create a looped-bun (optional-step): this involves twisting the hairband and then pull it over the ponytail inorder to create a looped-bun but don’t pull hair all the way through. In fact, you should stop pulling hair when about half of the ponytail is still hanging-down inorder to achieve a great looped-bun. Afterwards, check to ensure that the hairband is holding the looped-bun securely and if not then consider taking a second hairband and wrap it tightly around the looped-bun inorder to make it more secure.
  6. Wrap the tail of hair around the hairband

    : you may also consider taking the ends that are still sticking-out and then wrap them around the hairband but upwards against the head. This will help to completely cover the hairband whereby it’s no-longer visible and afterwards secure your hair in place using bobby-pins.

  7. Finish-up your Bohemian-bun: this involves pulling out a few hair-strands on the either side of the face inorder to achieve a softer look. On the other hand, you may also consider pinning a flower or any other decorative hair-accessory just above the Bohemian-bun and then finish by spraying your styled medium-hair with medium-hold hairspray inorder to keep in place.


METHOD-2: How to make a Braided-bun out of medium-hair:

  1. Wash, dry and part your hair: clean-up your hair using a good shampoo and conditioner then pat it dry with a towel. Afterwards, decide on where to part your hair but you should know that a braided-bun looks more beautiful with hair parted on one-side or right down the middle if you want to achieve a milkmaid look. So, brush your hair and then run the tips of the comb along the created part inorder to make it look neat and straight.
  2. Separate the sides of hair from the back-section: the sides of your hair are the only parts that will be braided and the back-section has to be left unbraided. So, gather hair from the temple-area and then drape it over the shoulders. Afterwards, comb-out the hair in the back-section inorder to keep it separate for the hair on the sides. On the other hand, the larger the hair on the side-sections, the larger the braid will become and vice-versa. so, if you want to achieve a small and fine braid then separate about a half-inch of hair from each side but if you want to achieve a thick, milkmaid-style braid then separate about 1-to-2 inches of hair from each side.
  3. Gather the back-section of hair into a ponytail: grab and gather the back-section of your hair into a ponytail and remember to leave the side-sections out of the way. Afterwards, secure the ponytail where you want the bun to sit and make sure that the hairband is tight-enough inorder to hold your style in place.
  4. Twist the ponytail around the hairband: after, twist the ponytail around the hairband and then pin the hair-ends in place. In fact, the bun should be able to hide the hairband and also feel secure over your head.
  5. Braid-up the right-section of your hair: you will have to start braiding near the right-temple and then continue braiding all the way down to the hair-tips.
  6. Wrap the braid-tail around the base of your bun

    : in fact, the braid should lay against the head and pass under the tip your ears until it reaches the created bun. Afterwards, fit the braid-end over the base of the bun and then keep wrapping the braid around until the entire length has been wrapped-up. Consider using bobby-pins to secure the ends of the braid into place.

  7. Braid-up hair on the left-section: you start braiding hair just next to your left-temple and then continue braiding hair all the way down to the tips.
  8. Wrap the braid-tail around the bun-base: the left should lay against your head and then pass under the tip of your left-ear until it reaches the created hair-bun. Afterwards, fit the braid-ends over the bun-base and then wrap the braid around the bun until the entire length is wrapped-up and finish by applying bobby-pins to secure the braid-ends into place.
  9. Spray your braided hairstyle with a good hairspray: you will need to use a firm-holding hairspray all-over your head inorder to prevent the braid from becoming loose.

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