Ombre Bob For African American Women:

Bob haircuts have been around for edges and they still exist up to date because they are very easy to style and versatile compared to other hairstyles. In fact, bob hairstyles never go out of style whereby they always make someone to look younger by simply framing-out their face-shapes and bob haircuts even match perfectly with almost any hair-texture. On top of that, bob haircuts feature different styles whereby someone can have a either a short or long bob-haircut depending on she prefers. All in all, I have listed for you some of the best ombre bob haircuts for black ladies and you should actually try to take a look through these haircuts that will make you look beautiful, classic and elegant for any occasion. OMBRE BOB FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN OMBRE BOB FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN This black-lady features a sophisticated bob haircut which features a mixture of ombre and a dark hair-base. This chin-length bob is also center-parted whereby hair is left to fall freely on both sides coupled with a wispy, long side-fringe that slightly covers one of her eyes. In fact, this bob style features an inverted shape whereby the hair at the back is short and it gradually lengthens as it moves towards the front sections. On top of that, this bob-hairstyle features a rough hair texture throughout and this helps to enhance on the hair volume and to add extra dimension to the entire haircut. All in all, this bob haircut will work perfectly for ladies who love to expose their beautiful long necks and other facial-features. How to style:
  • Always begin by cleaning your hair warm or cold water plus a good conditioning-shampoo in order to remove any dirt or dandruff.
  • After, dry-out your hair using a synthetic-fiber tower but only pat hair dry and never try to rub hair with a towel during the drying process because this will make hair feel very dry and brittle making it more susceptible to breaking.
  • Get a blow-dryer and a round-bristled brush and then begin combing your hair downwards from the center while running your finger through in order to create a textured look.
  • Complete your style by simply flipping the hair-ends under and then apply a texturizing and shine-enhancing hairspray.
SHORT OMBRE BOB FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN SHORT OMBRE BOB FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN Rihanna features a very short bob-haircut with an ombre color coupled with some dark hair streaks that run through it generating great contrast within the entire haircut. This haircut has a long, wispy front fringe which covers almost the entire forehead while putting focus on her eyes and other facial-features and this even enhances shape of her oval face. This bob-haircut also has an irresistible ombre and dark-chocolate hair-color in different directions in order to enhance on the hair-texture and to add dimension. On top of that, this haircut features meticulously cut layers that flow in 3-directions whereby the long top layers smoothly flow along the sides in a rounded curve while the hair-tips have a feathered texture. How to style:
  • Trim your hair to a desired short length throughout and after completely wash hair with warm-water and a shampoo to remove any dirt from hair.
  • Pat your hair dry with a towel and then blow-dry all your hair as you run a brush through it. After, run your fingers through your hair in order to create the long fringe and to create that sassy-texture throughout the entire haircut.
  • Add extra shine and hold to your hair by simply misting over it with a high-hold hairspray.
TRENDY OMBRE BOB FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN TRENDY OMBRE BOB FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN Keri Hilson features an amazing wavy bob haircut with volume-enhancing layers throughout. In fact, this haircut features long-strands on one-side and at the front while the rest hair contains short layers that fall gently towards the back-sections in order to achieve a determined effect. Additionally, the hair is deeply parted with one-side having a lot of hair-volume than the other-side coupled with an ombre color and chocolate-base which work hand in hand to give enhance the texture of the entire haircut. On the other hand, this haircut has a simple, wavy and feathery side-swept fringe which covers a great portion of her forehead hence generating attraction towards her eyes while framing-out her square-shaped face. All in all, the multiple-color and the sassy-texture coupled a light skin-tone give this lady an elegant and sexy look perfect for function. LONG OMBRE BOB FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN LONG OMBRE BOB FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN This black-celebrity features a stunning bob-haircut which is long-enough to be worn as ponytail on hot-days. This bob-style contains a deep side parting at the top which enables hair to fall freely onto both sides coupled with hair-tips that are textured in order generate more softness. It is flexible and elegant with a timeless soul. On top of that, her long-face is framed-out well by a flattering shape of long hair coupled with an ombre and dark-color base which adds dimension and a sunny sparkle within the entire haircut. In fact, the different color-tones within this haircut match perfectly her red-outfit and golden necklace. In conclusion, this bob haircut will make a perfect style for a prom occasion, party, wedding or even a date. WAVY OMBRE BOB FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN WAVY OMBRE BOB FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN This black-woman has a wavy and graphic bob haircut which is slightly tapered to sustain optimum volume. In fact, the hair-length of this bob-style was kept just around her head in order to create a very gentle and plunging effect. The dark hair-color is enhanced by the sweeping ombre highlights which actually emphasize the movement within the entire haircut. On top of that, this bob features a deep side parting which distributes hair perfectly on both sides and the hair at the crown is styled sleek and turns into lovely waves that have been untangled using fingers. Likewise, the long side fringe which covers half her forehead and one eye helps to draw more attention towards her face while framing her long face-shape. In conclusion, this sassy, wavy bob-haircut will make any black-lady look very attractive, beautiful and elegant for any red-carpet occasion.

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