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African American Synthetic Hair Wigs

Much as most African American women lately prefer human hair wigs that does not entirely mean that it is all of them there is that percentage that stills considers synthetic wigs as their first priority. Just like any other wig type, synthetic hair wigs also have advantages that make them more preferable than others for example they come permanently styled so you do not have to go through the burden of having to style the wig every morning like it is with human hair wigs. One other thing about synthetic wigs is that they are less costly compared to other types therefore instead of buying just one human hair wig, you could rather buy two different synthetic wigs in different styles. Now let us get into some really exceptional African American synthetic hair wigs that will give you that eye catching look.

Ombre African American Synthetic Hair Wigs

source:- Ombre African American Synthetic Hair Wigs

If you are one of those African American women who think you have a lot of style and you have not yet tried out the ombre style then I surely do not what you are waiting because when we talk about the trendiest wigs ombre is among the top ones. This wavy ombre wig hangs exactly on her shoulders and is styled with the very fashionable side sweep covering one of her eyes to give that extremely up to the minute look. It is black down on the roots but become dark green on the middle but when you get to the ends you will notice that it has much brighter green shade which is more outstanding. I simply admire the different with each and with her skin tone too she brings out every meaning of being modern.

Tip: synthetic wigs are much more delicate than you think they can easily get spoilt by the way you care and use them for example when you are going to wash the wig you must endeavor to detangle it first because getting it wet reason being those tangles will get even harder to remove after. While detangling you should take care to do it gently starting from the ends upwards till the wig is detangled.

Long bob African American Synthetic Hair Wigs


Long bob African American Synthetic Hair Wigs

If you lobe the bob hair styles but feel afraid of the shorter bob which more common then the long bob will absolutely work for you. Unlike the short bob, a long bob goes way below the jaw bones and is very daring for most face shapes. The synthetic wig features in this image is super straight and sleek with a very slight center part and curved ends hugging her face shape. The contrast of colors in the wig nicely matches with the skin tone that she has, the most outstanding thing with this wig is the bumped under ends which are extremely face framing. Any face shape will nicely rock the long bob wig.

Tip: as you wash the wig simply sprinkle it with water until you get it wet but do not entirely deep it in water which may cause it to get tangled. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing an only apply a small shampoo amount that will not be hard for you to rinse out. Too much shampoo will require you to use a lot of clean water to rinse out hence forcing you to get the wig too wet which makes the wig wefts loose.

short African American Synthetic Hair Wigs

source:- Short African American Synthetic Hair Wigs

Some short wigs are simply an inspiration for you to go short once in while just like the one featured here, it entails a touch of class, elegance and will absolutely cut down on your age to make you look a lot younger. This one rather has everything for you to fall in love with beginning with the color, that combination of black and platinum blonde is not just amazing but extremely outstanding. On the left it has very short and spaced strands running down her fore head while the right side has longer strands go way down passed her eye with getting wavy on the ends as they fold away. On the top is where most volume is kept which gorgeously matches with her heart face shape.

Tip: many people think that washing the wig with warm water is what gets it really clean but that is not true because hot water is strong enough to get wefts lose and cause wig strands to away. Therefore it is best that you use cold water or just Luke-warm water to avoid causing the wig any kind of damage.

Medium wavy African American Synthetic Hair Wigs


Medium wavy African American Synthetic Hair Wigs

It is now time for you to upgrade your looks with this very stylish wavy medium length wig. It features short to medium layers where by the shorter ones are curve out and the medium curved in for not just a stylish appearance but rather a more face framing one. It also has that fashionable thick full face fringe that is more than perfect for oval face shape.

Tip: rinse all shampoo out of the wig after shampooing, if necessary rinse a second and third time to be sure because shampoo contains chemicals that can be harmful for your wig fiber.

Long African American Synthetic Hair Wigs

source:- Long African American Synthetic Hair Wigs

Long wigs just long natural hair are statement making even on their own, there is not a lot you have to do with them but they are just effortlessly gorgeous. I absolutely love what I see with Kelly Rowland on this image, it is either her who know what works best for her long face shape or her hair stylist is a perfect one but either way she still looks amazing. The beauty is wearing wig blending at the crown with long smooth bangs fall down below her shoulders and a full face fringe stopping just below her eye brows. Yes, we notice her very pretty smile but then the way her eyes stand out of the wig style is over whelming.

Tip: if you actually did not know, it high time you learned that fabric softener is very essential in making your wig more manageable and preventing it from running. Once you mist the wig with fabric softener it gains moisture and reduces chances of it getting frizzy.


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