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5 Touching Wedding Long Curly Hair Along bangs black

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Women have different tastes of hair when it comes to choose wedding style that rests her mind. You find that some black brides fall for straight, wavy or curly hair. Length of hair is a key factor here, others love it very short and others medium length is the way forward yet others love it long. But today’s topic is basing on wedding long curly hair along bangs black women love most. All black women in this article wearing long curly hair along bangs apply it on weave. Some women fall for blonde hair and others wear it on black color.

Each of the women featuring in this article pulls bangs on different styles. You find one parting hair at front so bangs featured both sides. Others love to cut short bangs that cover forehead then the rest of hair on the sides and back of neck flowing freely. While you can hold mini puff on one of the sides to hair to flow one of the shoulders and bangs flowing to the same direction covering half of your forehead up to eye length then tips curled backwards. And last but not least you hold most of your hair and puff it at back of neck to while bangs at front are parted on both cheeks.
1. Touching wedding long curly layered hair along bangs black
A small area of your natural hair is left out to sit on top of weave, that’s at mid top part especially where hair is pushed on to the sides. So the rest of your natural hair is drawn with cornrows going clockwise to fill your entire hair. As usual you start from bottom back of neck coming forward. So when you’re done fixing weave on top you apply small bristled comb on your hair to part it on to the sides. natural hair which is to be left out un plaited, is added with conditioner, shampooed and added with rollers to make it look healthy and to make it stand hush weather conditions that might affect it’s texture. This hairstyle has several options of styling and can either be turned to straight or wavy options any time you feel changing from one option to another. So the bride up front fell for long curly layered hair along bangs drawn on either sides with strong wave then rest of hair pushed towards the back and on shoulders with loose curls.
Determine your face Shape: the African princess shown in the background is wearing wedding long curly layered hair along bangs on oval face shape. She has narrow forehead so her face blends real with bangs pushed on to the sides. Haven’t heard of recent that this hairstyle is discriminative thus it looks wonderful on all face shapes of black women out there.
Which Hair product to apply? Argan Oil Hair Mask, 8 oz that has the ability of cleaning off buildup or residue on your scalp and to boost hair growth and keep it clean. On top of hair apply hairspray to put off frizz, tangles from your hair. Then keeps hair looking original ever and this hairspray is none other than Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray, 11.7 Ounce.
Which styling tools apply? It’s of great use to apply human hair weave that is flexible when setting it on rollers for easy styling. Pick it on long length to make your dream come true. Have in place weaving black threads and weaving needle to help out when fixing the weave on top. Have in place a big bristled comb to make hair then last apply small bristled comb to make hair perfect. Your natural hair which is to rest on top of weave is added on rollers after shampooing and drying to five it more strength and better look.


2. Touching wedding long curly hair on long bangs black
When you take a look at this hairstyle you easily tell that it is white woman’s hair because naturally they’re gifted with long hair. If you’re black woman and fall for long curly hair on long bangs, you and as well apply long weave that falls in this category. If this is your dream, they’re options of making it come true. Apply long curly weave that falls off shoulders then push some hair to fall off both the right and left shoulders. So your natural hair is therefore left un plaited so that you comb it straight on top of weave. As front hair parts both left and right cheeks you as well pull bangs. And some hairs are pushed towards the back from mid front to make hair look stylish. This kind of hairstyle looks fabulous on strapless attire. And to make this hairstyle look outstanding she blended it with a v neck gown, as part rests on both shoulders, your chest is clear and seen. This hairstyle takes few hours to make, once cornrows are done and the section of your natural hair that is to sit on top of weave set on rollers to make it look neat, fixing weave on to cornrows takes almost 20 seconds then styling proceeds to complete hair.
Determine your face Shape: the bride wearing long curly hair on bangs is heart face shaped, the same hairstyles looks perfect on any other face shape of black woman round the globe.
Which Hair product to apply? DAX HAIR FOOD PLUS4 7 OZ is to add moisture to your scalp, if you have dandruff or an itching scalp apply Tee Tree conditioners because it will keep stretch you for long period without feeling any itching round your scalp. On top of weave apply Bobos Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray to make hair manageable, add moisture, make hair tangle free thus giving your hair a healthy look.
Which styling tools apply? Have handy weaving threads and tail comb to part small volumes of hair to draw cornrows. Have handy pair of scissors to cut threads from the lot. Have on you long curly weave that fall off shoulders featuring off black and few brown highlights scarcely placed round it. Pass through weaving threads into an eye of weaving needle to join weave on to cornrows. Apply small volumes of hair product on top of weave then apply brush comb to make hair for purposes of retaining curls with in hair.
3. Touching wedding curly hair en short bangs black
All I have to say about bangs and long hair is that, whichever way you choose to make bangs either make them super short, or side swept it or part hair at front is pushed both sides of your cheeks look perfect. At times their instances where exactly you need particular length basing on your face shape all just to look cute. The black babe up in the pictorial chose to trim bangs short just on eye brow length so that her sexy eyes come up right then her lips and cheeks is left out to pronounce loud upon taking a glimpse at them. She looks so wonderful when hair on the sides flows down her cheeks with tight curls and complete at bottom embracing her shoulders. With this kind of hairstyle little jewelry applies. So if you’re to add earring you fix it on small size and if you’re to add necklace too it need when its small in size , as in this gives your audience opportunity to watch every accessory you add on your looks to look stunning.
Determine your face Shape: the black queen up front is wearing wedding curly hair en short bangs on long face shape. This exact hairstyle looks fabulous to any black woman on different face shapes. When you’re through with the big day and start feeling un comfortable hair touching your body, you can as well hold the rest of hair flowing down at back of neck. Alternatively you can trim hair to bang length and it takes you further.
Which Hair product to apply? At bottom you can hold apply sulfur based hair product like Sulfur 8 Fresh Medicated Anti-dandruff Hair & Scalp Conditioner 4 Oz; if you’re scared of having an itchy scalp. This hair product has a pleasant small and works as a moisturizer too.
Which styling tools apply? As usual your natural hairs are pulled on cornrows and by so doing you apply weaving threads on to small volumes of hair. Apply end tail if comb to part those volumes of hair. Make cornrows go round your head because it makes fixing of weave easier. Have your self pair of scissors to trim hair falling round your forehead to make bangs. And last add hairspray to make hair manageable, smooth and to detangle hair so use Bobos Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray for better results.
4. Touching wedding long curly blonde hair alongside swept bangs black
Look adorable with long curly blonde hair alongside swept bangs on your wedding and for sure you will leave every head turning. This hairstyle looks colorful in a way; because top hair is colored with light brown color then if mixes up as you slope down the neck with brown color. What makes this hairstyle shine is that it’s pushed bob style because hair on the right that is pushed towards forehead is drawn with a long wave to cover part of face then tips pushed backwards. Hair on the left is pushed behind ears then pushed up to below the right ears the all hair collects here and is held together. At bottom hair is left to flow down right hand shoulders. At the end of day you show up so beautiful a bride on your day.
Determine your face Shape: In the background Beyounce is displaying long curly blonde hair alongside swept bangs on round face shape; however this is one of the hairstyles i have seen so far that looks cute on every black woman’s face shape. However black lady with a lighter complexion strikes more, however their other features that determine a woman’s look like eye, dimples and smile of course. What i believe is that everyone wearing this hairstyle will score high.
Which Hair product to apply? Apply Eco Styler Olive Oil Hair Food with Vitamin A, D AND E 6.8 OZ on scalp and few volumes on hair to make it smooth, add moisture , protect hair from brittleness since it’s formulated with vital vitamins that work best like Vitamin D, and A. For healthy looking hair add hairspray on top to lock in lasting sheen.
Which styling tools apply? Originally Beyonce like any black woman who fall of colored hair added blonde color to her natural hair, so to make hair look neat part of front natural hair is left out to cover the markings of weave. So the rest of all your hair is pulled with cornrows using black weaving threads. You will need a tail comb to help you part small volumes of hair to pull cornrows. You will also need shoulder length blonde weave so when fixing it you apply lighter color on top then dark color at bottom. So when you make your hair it blends down the shoulders perfect. Since hair is side swept you hold it with ribbon or rubber band in dark color to make it invisible. Note that your natural hair which is left out need extra attention to avoid dryness and texture of hair turning bad because of direct sun rays and any hush weather condition. You steam it or add setting lotion before adding rollers on to it to make it manageable and neat looking.

5. Touching wedding long curly puff with parted bangs black

If you’re exhausted with ideas on how you wear long curly hair on comfortable length and easy style you can do yourself. What I realize with this hairstyle is that few days before your wedding you check with salon to shampoo your hair and to also have a steam. The reason I emphasize steaming is that the steaming kit heats up and penetrates through hair follicles, distribute evenly round your head and for the overall texture of hair. After hair is set to dry then pulled with cornrows but as you approach front hair that’s where you part small volumes of hair just round the center to pull bangs apart of your natural hair to sit on top of weave. You then fix long curly weave that blends both dark and light brown colors. You can leave it to flow down the shoulders then on wedding day you hold much of hair at back of neck then puff it. You twist is a bit then make hair face up wards and fix accessory to hold hair in position. At front you pull bangs with loose curls on both sides flowing down cheeks. Then add jewelry, make up and gown to complete your elf.
Determine your face Shape: the bride wearing long curly puff with parted bangs has round face shape, what is sure of is that this hairstyle look fabulous on all black face shapes. These hairstyles have more styling options you can apply every time you shampoo your hair and will take you long. You can set it on rollers to keep curls intact and add hairspray on top to keep hair looking healthy, smooth and manageable.
Which Hair product to apply? on scalp use bees wax and message it gently for even distribution to keep the scalp moisturized then on top of hair add Bobos Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray to make weave smooth, easy to comb and keep it looking original.
Which styling tools apply? First you shampoo your hair off any buildup that results from previous hair product and sweat. As you dry hair you add rollers on to you natural hair at front that sits on top of weave. When hair is dry you then pull cornrows on rest of hair. Have in place long brown weave with highlights then fix it on top using weaving threads and needle. Apply big bristled comb to make weave then put off your natural hair from rollers and make it sit on top of weave, thus touching the left and right sides as well as the back to make hair look stunning. Finally push hair the rest of hair towards the back loose then puff it at back of neck. Then come forward then apply small bristled comb to pull bangs and to make neat. Note that if you add hairspray on top of hair, it keeps looking original and it makes weave durable.