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5 Sleek Wedding long hairstyles pinned on sides black

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Any woman who is yet to throw a wedding has to note few key items that more emphasis should be focused. Hair is one of those key issues, gown that shapes her body perfect to make her curvy, dress shoes with affordable height to take her through the day without stressing her legs or toes, jewelry that complete her and tiara among other necessities .

However hair plays a major role depending on the nature of your hair whether natural or if you add weave or extension. Black brides choose hairstyles according to face shapes and length of hair. You find that others love it long and some prefer to pull up dos at each individual convenience. It’s my pleasure to take you through 5 sleek wedding long Hairstyles pinned on sides black women featured in different ways just to give you a wide view.
1. Sleek wedding long natural hair pinned on sides

Natural hair is no one choice if I happen to throw a wedding. There’s a way natural hair looks unique if you grow it long. You find that natural hair has no duplicate as in you find it quite hard for fellow women to wear exact hairstyle you fall for, therefore it makes you look extra ordinal and you find yourself source of attraction and inspiration just in case someone thought can’t make it with natural hair. This princess on top chooses to keep her natural hair long and is confident to take her throw her wedding with best looks. So she divided it in two sections, from mid part of hair going towards the back of neck? Hair is pushed in the middle from the sides and at back of neck looking forward. As hair gets together in the middle small volumes of hair is kind of rolled in ward at tips then long pins fixed that look exactly like your natural hair to almost look invisible. Then on top of this section hair is pushed on loose waves then fixed firm in the middle to keep in position. then the front section of hair is raised up a bit pushing either side towards the center then you inter lock it , kind of loose cornrows starting at the front then complete it at the back of this section. So you fix pins at bottom right hand side to make hair firm. Then finally fix your colorful tiara in the middle of both sections to complete your hair.
Determine your face Shape: the lady featured in the background is wearing long natural hair pinned on sides on oval face shape. She has long jaws and sharp chin; however this hairstyle looks wonderful on round face shape, long face shape, square face shape and possibly heart face. It makes impact to apply makeup that keeps you looking natural. Shade long curvy eye brow and brush your eye lashes too to make your looks outstanding.
Which Hair product to apply? Apply Mizani Rose H2O Conditioning Hair dress Unisex Moisturizer, 8 Ounce: because it works both as a conditioner and as hair food for your hair to restore moisture fast and to make hair manageable enough thus try on several designs since it becomes soft and lock in a silky sheen on both hair and scalp.
Which styling tools apply? When you’re done with shampooing hair, you apply hot comb on to your hair to stretch it from bottom to end tips. For the back section of hair you apply either manual hot comb because it’s easier to control heat and if that’s not the case you apply curling tool on controlled heat to avoid over heating hair. you apply small bristled comb to make hair and for the front section you push hair up on both sides then draw loose cornrows slangy towards the forehead then proceed with the same process increasing length of cornrows a small part at front then complete cornrows on the same level towards the end. Add hairspray to keep hair looking live.

2. Sleek wedding long hair pinned on sides Heart face
Life is a journey that has challenges we over come and some that overcome us, but however that’s also a moment of happiness which include among others date of birth and the day you walk down the aile. You choose favorite down that makes you happy. Like the bride on top she chose shoulders gown that has lace round the bust. It’s transparent enough to show part of your body and what makes this gown look fabulous is the floral decorations the cover bust. for this attire to make heads turn it has to hug your body , that show all curves. And of course the dress shoes that blend with the color of gown. it has to be heels and preferably the length any bride is comfortable with to make her look comfortable throughout the event. As i check the bride up front has long hair that’s relaxed. She styled bob style by pushing hair from right top into big push at start going towards left and secured bangs. so hair on the right is pushed behind ears straight and as it touches back of neck it’s pushed towards the left lower part round ears. So the rest of hair on the left top area is pushed with few waves. So pins are fixed from the right back of neck, at bottom and on the left lower part of hair to hold hair in position. Thus she fixes a multiple circular tiara round the forehead touching both the right and left hair above ears to make her look great.
Determine your face Shape: the bride featuring in the background up has face shape, their key issues she added on to her looks to look war like: shading bold long eye brow, she has sexy eyes, she added silver eye liner and above all made her eye lashes upward for her eyes to look war.
Which Hair product to apply? Use Eco Styler Olive Oil Hair food with VITAMIN A, D AND E 6.8 OZ to condition your hair, make it soft and to so away common hair problems like brittleness and dry scalp. It consists these vital vitamins like E, D and A that support quality of the product for all hair types
Which styling tools apply? The bride up front has long relaxed hair, first has is shampooed with and few seconds after shampooing you dry hair then add conditioner on to your hair then wash of off few moments. You apply treatment hair product that match the texture of your hair. You then apply steaming up on to your hair and set time, as in the process the product heat up and distributes evenly round your hair. When this process is done you wash the product off hair. Add setting lotion on small quantities round your hair and use big bristled comb to make hair manageable starting at front pushing hair backwards. Add rollers to your hair depending on length of hair then sit under drier for hair to dry. When hair is dry you then put off rollers and message small volumes of hair product on scalp and on few volumes on top. distribute hair food gently using your fingers then proceed with styling using small bristled comb and last fix hair pins in designated areas as said earlier on top.

3. Sleek wedding long straight hair pinned on side’s long face
The bride up front is wearing long straight weave which she pulled into bob style. Her natural hair is drawn with cornrows then medium length straight weave added on top. As you fix weave part of is fixed on the left, right and middle looking backwards. So hair on the right hand side is pushed behind ears and pushed towards back of neck. so hair on the left is secured with bangs and tips folded and pinned on top of puff that come as a result of hair collected at the back of neck which is turned round at this point with volume and finally you fix pins at bottom sides to make hair firm. as well as tips that result from bangs is pinned at upper top back of hair with highlights featuring on brown color to make hair look wonderful.
Determine your face Shape: the bride wearing sleek wedding long straight hair pinned on sides is long faced. she chose to fix net tiara that hold part of hair at front then covers entire forehead much as you look though the net. The kind of hairstyle displayed on top looks perfect on all face shapes and takes fewer hours to make. Cool off your looks with small quantizes of makeup, add beautiful color on to your lips and apply eye liner color that either matches with changing dress or jewelry on the day.
Which Hair product to apply? At bottom you apply either bees wax on cornrows or sulfur based pomade to someone with dandruff. On top since this is a weave you apply Bobos Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray to make weave smooth, add moisture, lock in sheen, frizz free and tangle free. Thus your hair keeps looking good.
Which styling tools apply? At bottom of hair you apply weaving black threads to make cornrows, then you choose medium length weave to add on top featuring on color black with few highlights on tips. Use a small bristled comb to make hair and last fix pins to curve tips as shown on the left hand side then likewise at bottom back of neck to hold puff firm. Last apply Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray, 11.7 Ounce to make hair shinny, smooth and healthy.

4. Sleek wedding long loose curly hair pinned on sides

With no doubt the black bride in the pictorial applied long curly weave on to her natural hair which she managed to pull bangs then push the rest of hair to fall on one of the shoulders to look fashionable. Part of her natural hair sits on top of weave to cover it and both weave and hair look alike you automatically think it’s her natural hair. After cleaning off dirt on your hair? Your natural hair that is to sit on top of weave is applied with rollers to make styling easy. so from bottom coming forward your natural hair is pulled with cornrows, covering entire left side, hair from back of neck up to mid crown leaving few volumes of hair at the mid side next to the left front part because later you push it on top hair in mid part front and hair on the left that is pushed behind ears to cover the lower that falls at the back. However when fixing on the weave especially on the right hand side you keep it long but as you push part of hair towards the front to push bangs, you trim these tips looking at back above ears. So for the rest of hair on the right you push loose curls to flow bust length then hair from center top going towards back of neck you maintain hair long looking that direction. As part of your natural hair cover weave that’s at back of ears you then push hair behind back of neck resting on the right hand shoulders. So between back right jaws is where hair is pinned less tight to avoid hair inconveniencing you.
Determine your face Shape: the black chic wearing long loose curly hair pinned on sides has round face shape; to be realistic this hairstyle looks great on black women of any face shape. Blend it with a flattering gown with back less or any make that brings a smile on your face.
Which Hair product to apply? Apply DAX HAIR FOOD PLUS4 7 OZ is empowered best four natural ingredients that work on scalp and hair entirely leaving it smooth and manageable. And these include protein, vitamins E, D3, A and Panthenol .You message it gently on scalp and hair prior to styling and you find making hair easy.
Which styling tools apply? Make cornrows on your natural hair using black weaving threads and tail comb to help you part small volumes of hair. Add rollers to your natural hair that is left out to cover start of weave so that it looks pretty and in one way all another washing if hair makes it regain its original texture and strength. Add on top long loose curly weave using weaving needle and threads. Last push hair at front straight and then at bottom maintain curls. You can as well add hairspray to make hair manageable and shinny.

5. Sleek wedding long blonde hair pinned on sides
If you’re fun of colored hair especially blonde and looking for all possible ways to make it perfect and at the same time you have to push it on to the sides and pin it then the hairstyle on top is the way forward. One of the celebrities like Rihanna is giving us a great idea, by displaying blonde long hair that is pushed bob style at the same time securing bangs with loose waves. As hair on the right is pushed behind ears it is pushed towards the back of neck and fixed at bottom left hand ears. likewise hair on the left is pushed towards forehead covering half of your forehead then tips pushed towards back of ears then pinned right there. Since hair is long you then rest all hair on to the left hand shoulder organizing curls to sit on top of the other and tips looking all directions below shoulders to make hair look colorful.
Determine your face Shape: Rihanna is wearing long blonde hair pinned on sides on oval face shape. i want to assure you this hairstyle featured on top looks beautiful to all black face shapes regardless of your skin complexion . What matters most is to fix this loose curly weave proper, all this result from the way you plait cornrows. as you’re drawing cornrows going round your head, at the point where hair is parted on either sides you curve cornrows at front on the right hand side as if your creating letter U so fixing weave on top will be that easy for you.
Which Hair product to apply? At bottom your natural hair is drawn with cornrows so you can either apply bees wax to moisturize scalp or equivalent hair product then on top you apply Bobos Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray to make hair smooth, tangle and frizz free and to lock in lasting sheen.
Which styling tools apply? At bottom you add weaving threads on to your natural hair to make cornrows. Have handy blonde medium length loose curly weave then with the help if weaving needle and threads fix it on top proportional. Long pieces fixed at front then pieces of weave with less length at back of neck. To make hair shapely fix more than one piece of weave from mid back on neck then increase no’s as you come forward. At point on the left where hair parts to push bangs you fix more fixes for hair to have volume on top. Apply small bristled comb to make your hair and last fix hair pins to hold hair from at back of neck and behind the left ears and down the neck.