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5 Interesting Natural Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

Every bride loves to look cute on her wedding day with the best hairstyle, gown, and the rest of the intrigue that completes her. You find that each bride falls for a particular hairstyle on her wedding day because this is the day she should do all the best for a perfect wedding.

Some brides fall for short hair whether curly, wavy, or straight and others fall for any other kind of hairstyle that blends at weddings. There’s a category of Black brides that prefer to look natural completely by wearing natural hairstyles when it’s short, medium length, or long.

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But to add an ingredient to good natural hair you either pull an up-do, all pull it afro curly or pull it straight with turnover either in the middle of the hair, on the sides, or at the back of the neck.

Lastly, other black brides pull it straight with more volume to make cute buns or pin it at the back of the neck with sharp edges to look fashionable.

In this article, I, have gathered 5 interesting Natural Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women that those upcoming brides-to-be should check before making up their minds.


Interesting Natural Wedding Up Do Oval Faces For Black Women

Interesting Natural Wedding Up do Oval faces for Black Women


Look how beautiful this black bride with oval face shape went about long natural hair that any bride can wear on her wedding and score highly? She has stretched her hair from the bottom to the last tip to make it easier for her to make any design.

I admire the way she pulled her hair at the front with a big bun. in the middle section of her hair marking the crown coming forward she pushed all hair straight, she pushed hair at the front in the ward but raised it with much more volume, then the end tips folded once looking inwards and secured with long black pins.

She further pushed hair on the sides beginning at the front towards the back of the neck and part of the hair from the back of the crown with a raised top. As all hair is collected at the back it comes with volume and to make it appear the same as in the pic, you apply a hot comb.

Push hair from the right-hand side towards the mid hair of the neck and pin it half way then do likewise on the left-hand side.

Make the left-hand side hair ends pushed longer and make a big curl once looking inward over hair that is pulled from the right-hand side then use a long black pin to make it firm then apply.

Determine your face Shape: The lady in the back ground has an oval face shape but since hair is pulled off your forehead any black face shape comes out perfect with it.

Hair product to apply: After washing your hair with naturally extracted shampoos made from eggs, coconut, and many others, your natural hair needs to be added with conditioner to make it soft, shiny, and with a nice texture.

This can only be achieved if you use Design Essential Stimulations Super Moisturizing Conditioner 6 Oz is formulated to penetrate first through the scalp to make your natural hair smooth, tame dull-looking hair to look healthy, and above all make hair manageable to either curl, make it wavy or leave it free but looking excellent.

Which styling tools apply? In the beginning, when hair has moisture within after putting off most of it when drying, you apply a hot comb; use a small comb to lift even the tiniest hair on boundaries to look neat. Since you want your natural hair to have slight natural curls hot comb is enough but in case you want hair over stretched then use moderate heat on an iron hot tool.


Interesting Natural Wedding Hairstyle With Turn Up At The Crown For Black Women

Interesting Natural Wedding hairstyle with turn up at the crown for black Women


I for one feel I shouldn’t miss this hairstyle on my wedding day, it's above ordinary hairstyles what I need to have in mind is to grow my natural hair long.

However, unpleasant the texture of your hair is when you give yourself six to seven months consecutively plaiting your natural hair one after another, your natural hair will be long enough to pull this hair design that’s if you plan to have such looks on your wedding day.

Hair on both sides is pushed straight and collected at the center back then secured with hair pins coming from the bottom going up ward.

Hair in the mid section is pushed from the left side towards then right but within this very section.

So hair at the front is kind of pulled with bangs with turn up which is raided ends looking out touching hair then fixed with long hair pins for an elegant look.

It takes you to have extra thought to prove to yourself that nothing more you can do to look great other than look natural at your best.

So upcoming brides don’t be nervous about which hair to make on your big day natural hair is the way forward.

Determine your face Shape: The bride in the back ground has a long face shape the advantage of this hairstyle is that since most of the hair is pushed off your forehead; it makes it easier for anyone to view you from any angle thus any other face shape other than the one shown above looks perfect with it.

Hair product to apply: Natural hair has never been a problem for black women as it has less moisture if learn the dos and the dont's you won’t think of changing to other hairstyles.

Know when exactly to make your hair look livelier with its less natural moisture by applying the best conditioner that brings back the life of your natural hair.

To this, cause I recommend you apply Mizani Rose H2O Conditioning Hairdress Unisex Moisturizer, 8 Ounce: it contains the best natural extracts that penetrate deep into your scalp and hair to dull hair moisturized, lock in lasting sheen, and are pretty soft to comb.

Which styling tools apply? As hair is still wet you use a big comb to remove tangles then use a hot comb. In between combing apply hair product on the scalp in small volumes and on top of the hair and message gently then continue with hot combing.

Use a small comb to push hair straight on the sides then when you want to make a turnover in the mid section use a curling tool on moderate heat as you pull hair loose from the right towards the left.


Interesting Natural Wedding Hairstyle With Big Bun For Black Women

Interesting Natural Wedding hairstyle with big bun for black Women


If you want to have nice-looking natural hair you have to apply all the effort it takes to make it look nice if it means applying expensive hair products because it pays on results.

It will cut off the time you would consume going to a saloon to make your hair everything is done at home just have a clue of trendy hair designs to pull and life will be easier for you as hair is concerned.

Stock the best shampoo for natural hair, conditioners, brow drier, curling tools, and different sizes of combs to make your hair.

All hair from the right, left side, and back of the neck is pushed towards the top center of the hair, then ends curled to appear small and secured with long black pins.

So part of the hair at the center of the crown is pushed forwards and made with a raised turnover and ends curled in wards too and fixed with hair pins for best looks.

In case this hairstyle is applied to the bride the tiara is fixed on the left-hand side above the ears.

Determine your face Shape: The bride in the image above has a long face shape, since her face has long jaws it means that this hairstyle looks great on a heart face shape, oval face shape, and square face shape.

Hair product to apply: Use three in one: Marrakesh Original Shampoo + Conditioner Combo Set with Hemp and Argan Oils, 12 Ounce Each, for Both Men and Women; it works on any texture of hair, it brings back the original texture of your natural hair, adds sheen and moisture to your hair in just a single application.

Which styling tools apply? Apply a big bristled comb after wash to remove tangles, and use a metal comb to stretch your hair from the bottom to the end on average heat as much heat burns the hair and makes it weak. Use a small comb to push hair straight and to look neat then pass the edge of metal comb on top of hair to make it fall down.


Interesting Natural Wedding Updo For Black Women In Their 30s

Interesting Natural wedding up do for Black Women in 30’s


To differ from other brides, you can pull a pointed-up do at the front on long natural hair then make a turnover at the back of neck, while hair on the sides is pushed towards the center to look stylish.

Natural hair is all fun you can make with it anything for any destiny and be the only one with such looks thus making you stand out of the crowd. This bride in front of you is in her 30s; she preferred to go natural on her wedding day.

To grow black hair this length when it’s soft which means doesn’t hurt when combing and looks nice then it means you have to apply quality natural black hair product to make it less frizz and at the same time look healthy all time.

For this time round this bride pulled a pointy up do at the front and fixed it with hair pins. She pushed hair on the sides towards the center and then create one big cornrow to the ear level.

Then the rest of the hair at the back she pushed going down then made a turnover at the back next to the neck and secured tips with pins for a decent look.

Determine your face Shape: The bride in the pictorial above has a long face shape and to be sincere this hairstyle looks cute to any black woman of any face shape.

What you have to put into your mind is to also maintain natural looks in case you apply makeup choose the one that blends with your natural complexion.

Hair product to apply: Apply Design Essential Stimulations Super Moisturizing Conditioner 6 Oz, as the best conditioner to calm down wild, dull, dry hair leaving it manageable and smooth to pull any design of your choice.

Which styling tools apply? To make this hair you will have in place a normal big toothed comb to push hair up first, then apply brow drier to remove make your hair frizz free, small comb end tail to help you work out cornrows and last a curling tool to make turnover at the back of neck.


Interesting Natural Wedding Curly Hairstyle For Black Women

Interesting natural wedding curly hairstyle for black women


Whichever way you pull your natural hair for any purpose you look beautiful, for the bride in front of you has medium-length natural hair with curls.

What she did to make her hair totally awesome was she divided her hair into two sections, her hair at the front is parted in two some falling on the right-hand side on cheek length and the rest on the left-hand side touching the neck.

The second part ranges from the back of the neck towards a few inches to the forehead, all hair is pushed looking backward and standing so the tiara is placed in between long enough to touch the center of hair towards the ears for a magnificent look.

Determine your face Shape: The bride in the back ground has a long face shape and what I want to assure you of is that this hairstyle looks good on any black face shape and skin tone.

Hair product to apply: This hairstyle is curly and compacted to make it manageable, soft, and locked in sheen apply Mizani Rose H2O Conditioning Hairdress Unisex Moisturizer, 8 Ounce.

Which styling tools apply?

You will apply the end tail of a small comb to part the hair on the sides at the front then use your fingers to push it further on both ends. For the rest of your hair use a big bristled normal comb to lift your hair upward off your skin.

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