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5 Inspiring Short Bald White Blonde Haircuts For African American

There comes a time when you feel you have tried all sorts of hairstyles and you’re done with them so you decide to go bald. You can either go naturally bald or colored up to your satisfaction.

For today’s article based on Short Bald White Blonde Haircuts African American, you find that several women pulled this hairstyle on different face shapes and skin complexions and all looked great. It’s up to you to choose the best of all that suits you.

Inspiring Short Bald White Blonde Haircut

Inspiring Short Bald White Blonde Haircut African American


Look how great this African American woman in her thirties showed up when she wore bald white blonde hair? She wore long earrings too as necessary wear for very short hair to complete her looks.

These looks are mostly worn by celebrities but any ordinary person can wear them too and stand out. This babe looks wonderful with white blonde haircuts on Natural dark skin and what she to do next is to apply makeup that keeps her natural state.

It seems she wore the pink outfit to blend with the pink color she applied above her eyes. She has a long natural eyebrow that starts big and then goes on narrowing at the ends to make her prettier.

Determine your face Shape: The short bald white blonde haircut for African Americans before you is featuring on round face shape; however, any face shape with a different skin tone can look perfect with it.

Hair product to apply: This hair is less on the head so it needs to apply a few hair products to keep it shiny and evenly moisturized, so use Jojoba Oil for your hair to be strong and filled with vitamin E because it's extracted from the best natural extracts from castor oil, soybean and coconut oil that give your hair stunning results.

Which styling tools apply? Use a hair brush or hair roller to make your hair any style you feel happy with, but as hair increases in length that’s from the third week to four you apply a small bristled comb.


Inspiring Short Bald White Blonde Haircuts for long faces

Inspiring Short Bald White Blonde Haircuts long faces African American


For this time round this African American babe went bald completely, so what she did to keep her looks balancing because her bald head appears small so to complete herself she wore off-shoulder earrings.

She added a floral tattoo on half of her hand and painted long curvy eyebrows, and also pieced her lower mouth and painted her nails the way the color she applied to the tattoo looked hot.

Determine your face Shape: The lady above you is wearing a bald white blonde haircut for African American women with a heart face shape. This haircut also looks awesome to any other face shape that is not listed.

Hair product to apply: Use organic root stimulator olive edge control gel 2.25oz that is great for relaxed hair to provide lasting sheen and to keep hair with moisture for a fresh look all time.

Which styling tools apply? Just message your head gently for two weeks then on the third week use a hair brush because you will have accumulated new hair growth.


Inspiring short Bald white Blonde haircut to have in your 30s

Inspiring short Bald white Blonde haircut African American in 40’s


Amber Rose cut her natural hair extremely short seems as if she has no hair, she then applied white blonde dye. The haircut only leaves you incomplete as in you have something missing you should add on to make you complete. So she applied Wanja eyeliner on her eyelids to look sexy, and cut her eyebrow narrow long, and curvy to match her pink lips. What is remaining next is to add long earrings for special and important functions so for casual you can wear small ear pins or long ones according to the outfit you're pulling. she never wanted to be left out tattoo trend thus she put one on her upper arm wearing an open top for the best viewing.

Determine your face Shape: Amber Rose featured this haircut on an oval face shape, the best advice I can give you is that this haircut looks great on any face shape.

Hair product to apply:

Apply Argan Oil Hair Mask, 8 oz to penetrate deep through hair cuticles to condition hair and to make dull hair well moisturized.

Which styling tools apply? Poor the product on your thumb and massage gently then applied on your hair from the top distributing the product on the sides and back of the neck.


Inspiring short Bald white Blonde curly Haircut

Inspiring short Bald white Blonde curly Haircut African American


Look African queen women from twenties up to forties with short bald white blonde curly haircut African American. This woman looks exceptionally cute with micro curls of short normal length to blend with her oval face shape.

Her hair moves hand in hand with sexy eyes that are painted with a dark color on her eyelids, has a great African skin tone. She applied small silver ear pins and matched her looks on a leopard v-neck outfit to look war.

This hairstyle gives you all the comfort you need as it doesn’t require routine saloon visits, actually, you can visit it once in three weeks just to have your hair trimmed. You then need to only apply hair products to maintain the original look-up when you’re done with it.

Determine your face Shape: This lady up here has an oval face shape, and her hair blended perfectly with her face, jewelry, and outfit you too can make it on a different face shape.

Hair product to apply: Use World of Curls Curl Activator Gel lock-in curls and to make your hair fully moisturized.

Which styling tools apply? Use a small comb to make your hair, pushing it from the back towards the front and you’re ready to go.


Inspiring short Bald white blonde haircut with jewelry

Inspiring short Bald white blonde haircut with jewelry African American


If you want to maintain young looks from the age of thirties and above short hair is the way forward. This African American woman got a short bald white blonde hair cut along with long jewelry and she looked awesome.

You may cut your hair and also shape your eyebrows too to look this neat. She wore long navy blue earrings to match the sky blue sleeveless top either on pants or jean shorts.

This hairstyle doesn’t bother you with combing, at the break of the day after applying hair product in small volumes using a brush to make your hair.

Determine your face Shape: The lady in the pictorial has a round face shape and to be realistic this haircut looks beautiful on any face shape.

Hair product to apply: Use Jojoba Oil for even moisture distribution and make your hair lock in sheen.

Which styling tools apply? A hairbrush is enough until when your hair grows more in length, that's usually in the third to the fourth week then you switch to a small comb or have it trimmed.

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