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5 Haircuts With Color For African American Girls

At times African American girls look beyond having just haircuts but love to add color to make their looks look unique. In this article, I have looked around and picked my favorite 5 haircuts and color for African American girls’ fall that is on track or trend.

These girls below wear different color haircuts, like Blonde, Red, Green, purple, or white blonde in different styles too. Some pull it on straight hair or wavy, and others pull bangs to show that hair is rich in art thus whichever stoke that you add on short hair makes it the favorite among hair lengths.

Hair with color is quite unique to view and within this category of African American girls, since this bracket look for ways possible to look hot, look that attractive, and make an impact on the society around them.


Wavy Haircut and Color for African American girls


Check how great this African American girl wearing a haircut on blonde color with waves? She trimmed her hair on the sides and hair at back very short, so she reserves more length in the middle section of her hair.

This section of hair makes this whole haircut cute because the hair on the sides pushes waves inward and as you proceed toward the front a few inches off your forehead waves face backward. the most excellent part of it lies at the front, hair is pushed towards the forehead then its waves look backward thus complimenting your looks.

This haircut looks beautiful from all angles, as the lower part of it is pulled with tiny waves, and when making it you push it equivalent to its position. This haircut is added with blonde color and is relaxed. So relax comes first then color is put last to avoid bleaching.

These waves are tight so you make them using a curling tool. As in you pick small volumes of hair and pull waves in small sections preferably starting at the back and coming forward. Remember when hair is trimmed it's trimmed short entirely hair leaving out only hair at the top with more length.

The lower section of this hair is added with dark color so the upper part is blended with a lighter one to match promptly. However few inches of forehead on both right and left sides going inward add lighter color thus your haircut blends proportionally. This haircut is worn by trendy African American girls and celebrities too.

Determine your face Shape:

the African American girl pulling a blonde short haircut has a round face shape and fat cheeks. She pulled a high stroke when she added a big silver earring.

With a such haircut, you're good to go for any function. This haircut too looks great on a square face shape, heart face shape, long face, oval face shape, and others in the queue no matter the nature of your skin tone.

Which Hair product to apply? BB Hair Food Hair & Scalp Nourishment 6 OZ to condition color-treated hair, to look perfect since it gets dry easily.

Which styling tools apply? First and foremost you apply pair of scissors to trim your hair proportionally as you check in the image on top. if you observe this image on top clearly you check that on every beginning of the right and left side hair is trimmed relatively short then as you proceed towards the middle of every side you increase some length.

You repeat the same process even at the back of your neck. While in the middle top of hair you trim hair at medium length. If you have natural hair, then add a relaxer to make your hair smooth and manageable.

The next step that follows here is to mix up your powder with water that comes along in the pack for you to get the exact color and quantizes of mixture you want to apply to your hair.

To apply color or even relax hair you put on gloves for protection. so dip a small brush into the container with the mixture then apply small quantities of the substance onto your hair until your entire hair is done. You apply the product up to hair roots but avoid painting the scalp.

You leave hair for seconds and will check as if the powder is getting off when you touch your hair. Next, you wash off the product using cold water. You don't need to apply any bleaching substance because it will wash away the color of your hair.

Lastly, when hair is dry apply a curling tool to create waves in your hair then apply the appropriate comb to make your hair perfect.


Short haircut and color with long bangs for African American girls


You can look adorable with short hair applied in green color. You can apply it both on your natural hair or weave. The African American girl up front thought it wise to keep the hair on the middle section long and with volume.

Because she also pulls bangs that cover her left eye and half of her forehead. While the right part of her forehead hair is trimmed above her eyebrows thus giving her better looks. Hair in the middle part is pulled in loose waves from the back looking forwards to making hair look stylish.

While the back mid-top of the hair is with minimal volume more volume is reserved at the front next to the forehead to make hair in this position raised.

So the hair on the sides is trimmed on two levels, from the top up to the mid both sides hair is kept with relatively more volume while the lower part is maintained with less volume to make the haircut shapely.

Then at the back of the neck hair is cut very short. Once hair is trimmed as required you then add green color to the entire hair to make your dream a reality.

Determine your face Shape: the African American girl wearing a short haircut in green color which she pulled with long bangs has a long facial shape, to speak reality about this haircut is that it looks perfect with African American girls with long jaws while those other girls with short jaws like round faces too look cute.

Only the length of hair that pulls bangs reduces to balance your face shape. With perfect hair trim, this haircut looks cute on any African American face shape.

Which Hair product to apply? Apply BB HAIR FOOD HAIR & SCALP NOURISHMENT 6OZ, which works as a conditioner to keep any of these hairs looking good, colored hair, permed hair, pressed, or damaged hair.

Which styling tools apply? This haircut is applied on permed hair, it's better to add a relaxer first on hair that has over one month's growth if it's originally relaxed.

Unless it’s virgin and or completely natural, you will have to add a relaxer that works with the texture of your hair. Then you will proceed with hair trim then wash it clean and proceed by adding rollers to your hair. When hair is dry add hair product on the scalp and a few volumes on top then style hair as desired.


Haircut and blonde color for African American girls


Have you ever thought of wearing haircuts and colors that look great with African American girls and the blonde is your number one priority? Look nowhere else because this haircut on top answers your queries. First, it's light to carry, easy to make, and works around tight schedules to fit within your timeline.

It has great color that looks cute on every African American skin tone. The way this hair is styled puts you on high scores. First, it’s trimmed on both sides short and the same length applies even at the back of the neck. More volume of hair is reserved on the middle top part of the hair, while at ends you keep it with on low volume.

The whole art of this haircut lies at the front, as the hair on the right front is trimmed above the eyebrows you make it flow down, forward, and left. Then the rest of the hair above this point is made towards the left to pull bangs using tong bristles to leave behind lines in between.

Another issue that shouldn't skip your mind, especially on the left front as you pull bangs. Hair is pushed a few inches above the eyebrows. while trimming bangs you trim some hair above the left eyebrows while some hair is pushed to cover between eyebrows and then falls on the side of the eyes to make your look stunning.

Any African American girl can wear this blonde haircut on both natural hair and short weave on blonde. If you've to add color to your natural hair you incur the most cost while you apply the same haircut on weave you spend less.

Determine your face Shape: the African American girl in the background is wearing short blonde hair cut on an oval face shape; she has a long chin and long jaws. I for one recommend any girl with a different face shape to go for this haircut because you won't regret the impact. Of course, it blends perfectly with both your skin tone and face shape.

Which Hair product to apply? On the scalp apply beeswax to moisturize it and it has a pleasant smell. Then on top of the hair apply the African American girl in the background is wearing short blonde hair cut on an oval face shape, she has a long chin and long jaws.

I for one recommend any girl with a different face shape to go for this haircut because you won't regret the impact. Of course, it blends perfectly with both your skin tone and face shape.

Which styling tools apply? Assuming you wearing this haircut on the weave, at the bottom pull cornrows on your natural hair using weaving black threads. Have hand-short blonde weave to add on top of cornrows. Fix it using a weaving needle and thread.

Apply more pieces of weave between the mid-top parts of the hair coming forward to make the hair voluminous. Last, apply pair of scissors to trim hair at the tips then style hair using a tong comb.

For the normal bristle part of this comb make the hair on the sides and at the back of the neck then at the front apply tong side on the bristles to make the hair look fashionable.


Haircut with purple highlights for African American girls 


Wahoo! Check how short hair can take you extreme top, when you choose to wear it on a short wavy weave that is thick then you fix in purple highlights. The best part of this haircut is that starts very short at the back of the neck and then increases in length as you come forward.

From the top back of the neck hair is added with more volume and when you reach the mid-top part of the hair purple highlights start mixing with a few black hairs to make this haircut hot. You’re able to pull long bangs which shadow almost the entire forehead that’s from the left eye and above the right eye.

So before ears, you leave out some hairs flowing down with tips pointing forward. While on the length cheek is entirely visible. Part of the hair on the left is pushed at the back of the ears and some hairs are up with tips looking inwards.

No one that ever tries this haircut goes wrong but instead commands class and respect.

Determine your face Shape: The African American girl up front has a long face shape, so as she pushes long bangs and then covered one of the sides with good color mixes what is left out next to make her girl of the class, is the outfit she adds with it.

However, this cut has no tight principles according to any face shape. So if you add it on any face shape and fix it on appropriate lengths and show it on top regardless of your face shape you come out awesome.

Which Hair product to apply? On the scalp use, PARNEVU CREME HAIRDRESS 6 OZ, to keep the scalp evenly moisturized, and control hair loss then on top of the weave add Bobos Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray to put off frizz, make it smooth, detangle and moisturize it. Thus you prevent the weave from falling off or hydrating.

Which styling tools apply? Have a handy medium-length weave that blends both black and purple highlights within. Have handy weaving threads to make cornrows on your natural hair. Have in place a weaving needle to join the weave on top of cornrows. Have hand pair of scissors to shape the haircut and the last perfect comb to pull waves, and bangs to make hair look perfect.


Haircut and color for African American girls-red


Let hair talk for you when you reason out the best style haircuts with the best colors. Red on its own as color is striking however you're left with a challenge of how you style it to make it talk before anyone around you can comment about it.

This African American girl up front showed me talent when she wore a short red haircut that she pulled with a bit is waves that start in the middle top of the hair.

At the start, waves look in all directions as they come down up to mid-way of this haircut. so more talent is displayed when long waves are pushed forwards from this midpoint and point toward the sides.

However, some hairs a few inches from the forehead coming inwards are secured with bangs and it’s directed towards the right-hand side mid-cheeks. It doesn't fill whole cheeks but in style, tips look backward.

As you shape hair on both sides before the ears, it just stretches sharp to ear length just you emerge out of the salon looking great. I guess every African American girl looks up to such looks no matter if you're wearing another color.

Determine your face Shape: All around I have been particular about face shapes with different haircuts that blend perfectly, but this haircut without any doubt looks hot on any African American girl. What matters most is the hairstylist you use to be able to fix this weave right or trim it to the right lengths as the haircut demands.

Which Hair product to apply? On the scalp use Sulfur Butter Cream 'n Ointment to prevent possible itching and to soothe the scalp that is if you have issues with dandruff then on top of the weave add Bobos Remi leave-in conditioner spray 10.15 oz: that constitutes Jojoba oil, Macadamia oil and Panthenol that penetrate deep into hair shafts to replace lost moisture.

Which styling tools apply? With a red short weave hand, weaving needle and threads to pull cornrows with your natural hair, pair of scissors to trim tips you are in a position to make this haircut perfect. Note with a professional hairstylist to fix and style haircuts on the standard.

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