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5 Latest Short Haircuts For African American Girls

Latest short haircuts for African American women have continued to merge out no matter to improve looks of African American women, even if the current shots make statement. This is all about creating new styles that move with the changing world in order to match too with trendy outfits that turn on everyone. Sincerely if you choose to put on a short body hugging outfit that will make you more attractive why then should you match it with any length of hairstyle with you being considerate. If you decide to keep on trend then make sure your wardrobe, outfits, dress shoes, haircut move hand in hand with a nice face which is clear of any blemishes or wrinkles. To any African American girl who’s is well informed about short haircuts on trend, these shots below may seem as normal but there’s a category of those girls out there that looks to move with trend but doesn’t have any idea about the latest short haircuts African American girls are falling for?
1. Latest short haircuts for African American girls -Extreme


However every African American girl has a different taste of haircut when it comes to length and style. You will enjoy viewing different latest haircuts in this article on beautiful skin tone and varying styles all together. You find that African American girls of advanced age fall for extreme short length of hair because it keeps them looking that young while African American girls of early stages fall for more length and weird styles for recognition. This African American girl on top is round 30’s, at this time of the hour she has tried several hairstyles on all lengths, where on weave, braids and that sort and seems exhausted. So she's looking up to having short hair that looks trendy, light to carry and manageable as in combing. It takes you short time to make and next is for you have a pretty face too. You find that some girls have almost no eyebrows for those who are lucky you keep it this long you only have to give it a nice shape. And for those other African American girls that have few or almost no eyebrow your nest resort is to make it using a colorful eye pencil. What I know for real about short hair is that it takes you to apply fine make up, apply lip gloss and even apply artificial eyelashes if you are that girl who minds holding up a certain class. This haircut before you is one of the latest extreme short hits for African American girls, first your natural hair is trimmed very short then you add relaxer to stretch it and to make it smooth thus it becomes straight and ready to be pulled into any style of your choice to cool you off. You can either part hair on sides to leave behind a mark able line either right or left side of your forehead to make hair fashionable. Then the rest of hair is made towards the back of neck; however this haircut needs pretty more care than any length of hair you can think off. Because it gives it room to look good always so you have to trim it every two weeks and if you find growth you relax it off.
Determine your face Shape: the African American girl up front is pulling latest extreme short haircut on a round face shape. She stands out with her looks because she applied moderate makeup that matches with her skin tone. She also added colorful eyeliner that glitters and flush on two colors and last her nails are painted on both white and black colors to give her sexy look. For those other African American girls on other face shapes that look up to making this haircut you to will show up stunning too because the length of hair and style will perfect your face and shape of head to better.
Which Hair product to apply? This hair is relaxed and straight so you can apply on one of the following hair products because they will leave you hair smooth, moisturized and looking original all time. So apply TCB HAIR & SCALP CONDITIONER WITH OLIVE OIL 10 OZ, TROPIC ISLE LIVING JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL HAIR FOOD 4 OZ / 8 OZ or Jojoba Oil.
Which styling tools apply?

Step one is to trim short your hair extreme short whether it’s natural or already ready relaxed but with more length. You check with salon to have your hair trimmed, among the tools that support you in this cause is both trimming machine and small pair of scissors to level hair perfect. if you have natural hair and using relaxer for the first time, after trim your hair will be added with either TCB relaxer or equivalent product on small volumes of hair starting at the back of neck coming forward but not touching the scalp. Until all hair is done up front, using small bristled comb you come back to starting point that's at the back of neck trying to distribute the relaxer evenly and pulling hair up with care to avoid product from burning your scalp. You kind of add more product on every section you finish combing. When all hair is done with this process you distribute product more using your fingers as if messaging but wearing gloves to protect your fingers from harm. When hair is ready you wash off the product using cold water until then product is over. Add small volumes of shampoo on to your hair to form rather then distribute it using your fingers round hair to make sure the product comes out complete. Apply conditioner on to your hair for seconds the wash it off. Dry hair and apply smallest size of rollers on to your hair then dry it off. Since you don't need curls or waves on to your hair when hair is dry you apply hair product on scalp using your fingers then message gently to distribute the product fairly and last apply small bristled comb to make hair.
2. Latest short haircut for African American girls -side swept bangs


This time round the African American girl up front trimmed her hair on two levels. On one of the side’s hair is trimmed long and straight from the start of the right side towards the left pulling side swept bangs at front then on the left hair covers up to bottom in shape before ears. On the right hand side hair is trimmed up to mid side with more length then as you complete hair towards the bottom you trim hair very short. Then at the back of neck you apply the same method but not exceeding the marks of your head. So from the start of right hand side few inches off forehead hair you reserve more length of hair in the middle part coming towards the left then you trim it not exceeding your hair. At front part of right side of hair especially round her forehead hair is trimmed so short few inches off the right eyebrow to give your haircut the best shape. This haircut looks beautiful to girls of early age and to old girls. It has several options of styling to make you look pretty. You can pull it with waves, curls. if you don’t part hair in the middle section for hair to fall on to sides, another option is to push hair look all sides with waves to look messy.
Determine your face Shape: the African American girl in the background pulling latest haircut -side swept bangs on long face shape. This haircut looks unique in a way that mid hair is pushed long and forward to cover part of your face and later pushed as side swept bangs. Some bangs stretch up to sides of the right eye and some hairs stretch on top of the left eyebrow thus defining her looks best. And the rest of hair with length is pushed from the right towards the left side but above the left eyebrow hair is trimmed bit short thus curving beside eyes down to mid the jaws then curved above ears towards the back. To make this hairstyle outstanding part of hair on the right hand side especially at front is trimmed super short stretching up to ears and lower part of haircut to make your hair turn heads. This is one of the hairstyle that doesn’t discriminate any face shape of any African American girl out there but the issue is to level these different lengths of hair proportional to come up with perfect haircut.
Which Hair product to apply? Add MOTIONS DAILY MOISTURE HAIR & SCALP HAIRDRESSING 6 OZ to make add volume to your hair, lock in shine and moisture and to make soft dry ends because it’s added with an ingredient that makes all these alternatives possible on top known as silicones .

Which styling tools apply?

On relaxed medium length hair, you have yourself a trim and on both right hand side and that of back of neck you trim hair on two lengths. From top of mid way towards the bottom you trim hair with quite more length then from this point up to bottom you trim hair super short. Using either scissors or trimming machine. Little bit on the front side on the right hand you trim hair on the same length of the bottom sides mentioned on top. Now starting on top mid right coming towards the middle crossing on to the left hair is trimmed with more length to be able to pull bangs while on the left hair shouldn't go over ears and made looking on the sides. Last you pick a tong comb then the normal side is used to make hair on the right and at the back of neck then in the middle part and on the left you apply the tong bristles to push hair with loose waves. Use tail of comb to draw bangs then draw gaps in between.

3. Latest short haircut for African American-Mohawk

The latest short haircut for African American girls –Mohawk has more than one issue to discuss. One of them is that all hair on both right and left sides is trimmed almost bald and from mid back of neck going towards the bottom. Another issue is that all hair is applied with highlights to make part of hair white blonde then some areas at front featuring natural black. Another issue is that hair is only left in the middle section and at front hair is kept long and looking backwards then round mid section of hair reduces length and at most end on upper back of neck hair is kept with less length. However all hair is made looking at the back with tips bending. At front view up to mid part of hair tips point towards the left then the rest of hair from mid part up to upper back of neck ends look towards the back to make this haircut shapely. As you pull this haircut you also need to shave your face and also shape your eyebrow. To some African American girls pull their eyebrows at start with volume and towards the ends it’s curved tiny. But for this particular haircut this babe pulled her eyebrow big and long with sharp curve towards the end. This haircut looks colorful since the bald area features natural color and then hair in the middle featuring white blonde and little natural black color on the left front part of hair and bottom middle section. This haircut looks pretty to dark and light skin tones of African American girls; however it has a class of outfits that match with it not just wearing anything without purpose.
Determine your face Shape:

the African American girl wearing latest short haircut -Mohawk is in her twenties and likewise this hairstyle looks perfect up to thirties. She’s wearing it on oval face shape. among the other face shapes that looks great with this hairstyle are; long faces, heart faces, round faces among others.
Which Hair product to apply? Use BB HAIR FOOD HAIR & SCALP NOURISHMENT 6 OZ, it works as conditioner to keep colored hair looking healthy.
Which styling tools apply? Your natural hair should have medium length, so all hair on the sides and lower back of neck is trimmed bald. While hair in the middle section of trimmed long from front up to mid section. For a few inches preceding towards the back like half way this remaining part is pulled too with less length compared to the first part. Last the remaining part going towards top back of neck id trimmed on less length. If your natural hair is not relaxed you proceed by applying relaxer to make hair manageable. Color is added on to your hair last because it faded if added with relaxer on top. Few moments after relaxing hair, wash off all relaxer off your hair and dry hair. Set a container aside to mix color with liquids that come with it then apply the mix on to your hair. Make sure your hair is not completely dry then wear gloves to protect your fingers. Apply tower on the clients’ shoulders to avoid color from dipping on her clothing. Use used tooth brush to apply color on your hair then leave out few areas on the front left part of hair on natural color. When all hair is done, wait few seconds as color fixes within hair it dry and when you fill it powder so of comes out. Then wash it off using cold water. Apply rollers when drying hair and thereafter when hair is dry put off rollers form hair. Add hair product on scalp and few volumes on top and message gently. And last use small bristled comb to make your hair. Last add holding spray to keep hair moisturized and for strong hold.
4. Latest short haircuts for African American girls- fine


This is one of the haircut African American girls with fine hair fall for because it can be applied on both relaxed hair and weave. This haircut looks adorable on any face shape and the best issue about it is that it doesn’t cost you time. However maintenance on both alternatives differs from each other. The African American babe up front is pulling it on weave, for this case once you’re done with making it? The way forward here is to apply hair product on scalp especially hair food that fades out easily to avoid making buildup. And on top of hair you either add hairspray that will moisturize it to make it manageable then proceed applying different strokes of design that is different from the one displayed in the image. In case you want to make combing easy for you as in adding any design day after the other, you can use a comb with different shape of bristles to meet your target. Assuming you’re wearing this hairstyle on relaxed hair, your hair has to be trimmed very short at the back then on sides you add some length and on top you make it with more length. The more length you reserve on top compared to the rest of your hair allows you to make it look on any desired direction with ease. Let’s say you apply normal bristled comb to push hair towards the bottom on the sides and at the back of neck. Then on top you push hair to face one of the sides and hair in the middle pointing up. Thus you looks will keep on trend and you will make heads turn.
Determine your face Shape: The African American girl on top has long face shape, but as stated in the article this haircut looks adorable to all face shapes. The reason African American girls fall for it is that it fits tight schedules because it needs less attention once you wear it. What I know for real is that it works hand in hand with long or medium earrings. Short hair tends to make your head appear small but if you add long jewelry it makes your appearance proportional.
Which Hair product to apply? if you're wearing this haircut on weave at bottom you apply either apply tee tree conditioner because it prevents itching and dandruff or any sulfur based hair food to those beauties with dandruff issue. on top you add hairspray for strong hold and to keep hair evenly moisturize thus easy to make. In case you’re wearing this haircut in treated hair you only apply one product on both scalp and entire hair. So you can either use Jojoba hair oil, Dax Hair Food Plus4 7 OZ or any equivalent hair food for relaxed African American girls.
Which styling tools apply?

if you wear this haircut on weave, you use the following, weaving threads to make cornrows, weaving needle to fix weave on top of cornrows and of course you favorite color and length of weave. And on relaxed hair once hair is trimmed to required length, for it to have volume and better look? You need to have a steam, it so helps hair to add nutrients from conditioner to make hair strong and improve texture. After shampooing hair you add rollers then set it to dry at most convenient method of the two. Either applying hand drier or sit under normal drier. When hair is dry, you remove rollers off hair, add hair product on small volume son scalp and rub small quantitizes of the product between your thumbs and apply on top of hair then message hair gently to distribute product fairly.Last apply either tong comb which has more than one shape of bristles to support your styling.
5. Latest short haircut for African American girls- straight fine

If you’re fun of straight short hair this haircut on display is the way forward. For this time round the African American girl we are checking on top is pulling it on weave. She wore it on two colors, that is to say off black and brown highlights on top. To make this haircut sounding she pulled long bang that covers small part of her forehead. As usual at bottom you pull hair on cornrows then you fix short straight weave on top. There different brands of African American weave on market depending on everyone's destination. There’s brand called flat iron on short weave that can your dream come true. And other related brands on market round the globe. When you are done with weaving then you apply small bristled normal comb to push hair on the left towards bottom and hair at back of neck. Then hair in the mid section is pushed towards the right hand side. At front you push hair bit forward to secure bangs then complete it behind ears, leaving few hairs before ears to look stunning.
Determine your face Shape: The African American girl wearing short straight fine haircut has an oval face shape because of the long chin. However if am not mistaken this same haircut looks cute on any face shape but what differs from each face shape is the length of jaw and forehead thus you find that to some girls bangs will seem short yet on other face shapes with long forehead bangs will appear long.
Which Hair product to apply?

This haircut is worn on weave so at bottom use Parnevu Creme Hairdress 6 OZ, because it amends dry scalp, prevent hair loss and work on split ends. Or apply 4 in one holding spray that is applied on scalp and on top of weave to make it manageable.
Which styling tools apply? Apply black weaving threads to pull cornrows on your natural hair, pick your favorite short straight weave fine on above colors. Then fix if on using weaving threads and needle. On the left hand side you fix it short going towards bottom. At back of neck fix it from bottom up to top and in the middle section of hair fix weave on more length pointing towards the right. Apply pair of scissors to trim hair on tips for haircut to be shapely. Finally shape your eyebrows too and add makeup and eyeliner that matches your dress code to look stunning.

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