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Hottest Short Mohawk One Side Black Haircuts

For some time back a woman was seen as beautiful wearing long hair that touches the waist or butt but as the hair industry is getting modern from time to time, even young women have resorted to wearing short haircuts.

One of the latest haircut designs that ruin this century is the Mohawk design; this refers to cutting both sides extremely short and then leaving hair with volume at the center of your hair.

For this time round, we are looking up to cutting only one side extremely short then leaving the opposite side and hair in the middle section with some volume, much as it can be on different lengths.

Below in this article have organized the 5 Hottest Short Mohawk Haircuts African American One Side only, which will inspire you any time you fill like having a sounding haircut.


Short Mohawk Blonde One-Side Haircut for African American Women

Short One Side Mohawk Blonde Haircut African American


Take an example of Rihanna's Short hair cut that is added with blonde highlights especially in the middle section and part of the hair at the back of the neck to make heads turn.

This haircut is done on relaxed hair so one of the sides’ hairs is cut extremely short then hair with left with volume in the middle part and the opposite side.

The same haircut can either be done on relaxed hair or applied with a weave in the middle part and one of the sides. If you want to retain color on your natural hair over a period then apply blonde highlights direct to your hair but if you just want to hair this look for a small period then apply a short weave that features natural black with blonde highlights.

Let’s assume you want to have this look on relaxed natural hair? First, have your hair cut very short on the right-hand side continuing up to the part of the back of the neck. You will divide these two sections by creating a deep line between them.

To avoid over-coloring your hair, you will pick small volumes of hair and apply it with blonde highlights especially at the front mid part then at the mid crown then a few hairs at the ends of hair in the middle section.

You push hair in the midsection towards the left-hand side; within the crown push hair from both sides towards the center and push with it big waves then at the back of the crown pull off some hair looking at the back long enough to touch the neck featuring both natural black and blonde highlights to look spicy.

Determine your face Shape: Rihanna featured this haircut on long face shape and the good news with this haircut is that it looks wonderful on all African American Face shapes what you need to put into consideration is to have a perfect haircut from an experienced barber and best salon for the perfect hairdo.

Hair product to apply: Apply Design Essential Stimulations Super Moisturizing Conditioner 6 Oz, formulated to penetrate through the scalp and hair follicles to make hair smooth, moisturized, and with a healthy look.

Which styling tools apply? You will apply the smallest hair roller to make the Mohawk part pushing hair from up going downward then use a small comb with a shaped end tail to push the first hair in the mid sections towards the left straight then after pushing the hair of the sides of the crown towards the center and either set it with rollers to create waves or use curling tool to make it.


Short Mohawk one-side Haircut for Heart Faces

Short one side Mohawk Haircut Heart Faces African American


Look beautiful on a heart face shape when one side is featuring a short Mohawk the rest of the hair is medium short pushed on the left-hand side and hair extension is added underneath your natural hair, just around mid cheeks to finish with long edges pushed between necks.

After having a haircut you will have your natural hair shampooed with cold water, after a few seconds you will apply conditioner to your hair because after shampooing hair it becomes dry, and to make it manageable, soft moisturized let the conditioner do all these at once.

Apply rollers and set it to dry then use a big bristled comb to make your hair. Make a few cornrows between mid cheeks going downwards for purposes of fixing a straight short weave, where you will push ends towards the neck with straight edges to look fashionable.

You will finish up with hairspray to make your hair look shiny and with the exact moisture, your hair needs to stand all weather.

Determine your face Shape:

The lady in the background has a heart face shape and the best thing with this hairstyle is that it doesn’t discriminate any face shape once you balance varying hair lengths perfectly the true picture of the haircut comes out tremendous.

Hair product to apply: On scalp and hair use Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Reparative Leave-In Conditioner - 16 oz, to condition and make hair smooth then on top of hair apply Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray, 11.7 Ounce to lock in lasting sheen, and maintain hair looking original.

Which styling tools apply? on the Mohawk side use a small comb to push the hair from up towards the bottom, then add the hair extension onto cornrows using a sowing braids middle using s braid threads then the last comb the rest of the hair using big bristled comb straight on the left with bangs and straight edges that touch neck to look stylish.


Short Mohawk one-side wavy Haircut for African American Women

Short one side Mohawk on wavy Haircut African American


Shave one of the sides up to the back of the neck leveling evenly the contours of the side leaving a few hairs then hair in the middle section and opposite side medium short and straight.

For hairs at the center top part push it going on the right-hand side and you come towards the back push hair straight looking down. For hairs on the left-hand side push on from the top keeping left up to the bottom without covering ears for yet another trendier look every black woman out there will admire to have.

Determine your face Shape: The lady in the pictorial has a long face shape, she added tiny ear pins in silver to look war. Try this haircut on any face shape and won’t regret the outcome, after having haircut shampoo all hair, then add conditioner few seconds to make the hair restore its original moisture and texture then apply rollers to make it have shape, and last use a tong comb to push the rest of hair on the right-hand side with a bit of wave.

Hair product to apply: Use Marrakesh Original Shampoo + Conditioner Combo Set with Hemp and Argan Oils, 12 Ounce, three in one hair product best cleansing of all hair types, adding strength to your hair, restoring moisture and locking in sheen.

Which styling tools apply?

For extremely short hair after applying hair product use the smallest roller to make it, then for the rest of the hair especially at the center of the crown using a tong comb to push the hair upwards then ends facing the right with a bit of wave, then at the back of crown hair pushed backward and for the right-hand side, hair pushed with waves using the same comb.


Short Mohawk one side straight Natural Black Haircut

Short one side Mohawk on straight Natural Haircut African American


African American women out there reserve their hair looking Natural because it will define them best and look great on the color of their skin.

Natural hair is far best looking than any hairstyle if you add the right hair product to keep it well moisturized and looking shiny and last when it is smooth to make with it any design then comes your way.

Once again Rihanna is featured with side short Mohawk on the left-hand side, then from the mid of the hair towards the right-hand side, at the front hair is pushed wavy on bangs, in the center it’s pushed upwards and ends pointing right then at the back of crown hair seems shorter looking backward.

She looked war when she added black shades in unison with medium-length butterfly earrings that feature silver and gold.

Determine your face Shape: Rihanna featured with long face shape on this haircut but any African American with long cheeks that’s to say heart face, the square face looks great with it.

Hair product to apply: Use Design Essential Stimulations Super Moisturizing Conditioner 6 Oz that is best to work on natural hair because it leaves space for you to either leave your natural hair free looking great or do with it anything that’s to curl it or make it wavy as you may wish. More to add it penetrates first on the scalp to restore the original texture and manageable.

Which styling tools apply? After applying hair product use a small comb to pick small volumes of hair while hot combing for purposes of reaching each section of hair.

Use a tong comb to push hair at the front with waves and gangs then turn the other side on the same comb with normal bristles to make the rest of the hair in the middle section up to the back of the crown. On the right-hand side use the same tong comb to push hair wavy from up finishing at the bottom.


Short Mohawk  one-side Haircut for Black women in their 40s and above

Short One Side Mohawk Haircut African American 40’s and above


Look hot in your 40s with one side short Mohawk then the rest of the hair pushed with a wave on the sides and hair at the back of the neck with less volume, wavy pushed going downwards.

The texture of the hair on the background is soft so hair your natural hair on the left-hand side is cut short, hair on the middle medium short, and that on the right-hand side.

Hair at the back is cut with less volume compared to hair in the middle and on the right-hand side. After your haircut has your natural hair shampooed on cold water, followed by conditioner perfect for natural hair then set your hair with rollers and sit under a drier.

When your hair is dry, remove rollers, apply hair product on the scalp, and a few amounts on top of the hair. Use a small comb to push hair on the left as you’re going down then hair in the middle and on the right-hand side pushed with waves secured with bangs.

At the end of the crown up to the back of the neck using a small comb push the hair wavy going downwards and for the very last hair at the back of the neck is left as is.

Determine your face Shape: The lady in the pictorial has a round face shape, it doesn’t imply that only this face shape other than any other face shape is best at this haircut, it looks great on all face shapes.

Hair product to apply: Apply MARRAKESH OIL HAIR STYLING ELIXIR 2 OZ, for silky smooth hair texture and to provide long-lasting shine to your hair.

Which styling tools apply? Apply rollers to your natural hair to create waves then use a small bristled normal comb to make your hair.

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