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5 Adorable Wedding Hairstyles On Bangs For Black Women

You have seen several hairstyles before with rocking designs pulled by black women at weddings, but have you yet discovered earlier that hair pulled with bangs also look great on such an occasion.

It can be styled in different ways depending on each bride’s dream; with me in this article have listed down five ways which you can pick to complete your day.

You can either wear it long on straight hair, pull bangs on short wavy hair, or wear medium length twists and push side bangs or wear it long blonde hair then trim bangs to eyes length or part your natural at the front on sides to create bangs either side while the rest of hair is held at the back of the neck.


Adorable long bangs with Bun



Either you can trim your hair on the sides halfway then maintain more length as you go upwards. You put hair on top together and create a knot. As you push bangs it covers one eye.

Bangs are pushed straight up to the ears then tips are scattered up to neck length. The hairstyle displayed on top features Rihanna, indeed her natural hair has to have some length to hold it together on top.

She added a medium-length straight weave she applied to pull bangs then part of the weave fixed on top to make a nice-looking bun. To make hair look fashionable hair on the sides is trimmed short as well as the lower part of hair at the back of the neck.

Your natural hair is relaxed to make it smooth and look neat. This small part of your hair at the front is pulled with a few cornrows thus weave is added on top to make it firm.

Determine your face Shape: Rihanna as our role model is wearing this hairstyle with an oval face shape. However, any black woman out there with a different face shape shouldn't lose morale thinking this hairstyle will single you out.

I want to assure you that this hairstyle will look perfect on you, the only issue to keep note of is you reduce the length of bangs according to your jaw length for this hairstyle to blend perfectly with your face shape.

Hair product to apply: Since this hairstyle is worn on relaxed hair and part of its weave is applied then is better to apply Argan Oil Hair Mask, 8 oz. Hair Treatment Therapy, because it's extracted from the best natural extracts like Ginger extract, Rosehip seed oil, and Coconut oil to give all types of hair awesome results.

Which styling tools apply? You will need pair of scissors to trim the hair on the sides, shampoo your hair of any build-up or dirt around your hair then apply rollers to make your hair as you dry it.

You will need a small bristled comb to make your hair then as you put it together you tie it with weaving threads featuring natural color.

Using the same comb you will make the hair on top a bit straight then push it around to create a cute bun. For bangs, you will apply a small bristled comb to push it straight up to mid cheeks. You can fix small hair pins to hold the tips scattered towards the back.


Adorable wedding short hair with bangs Black



This hairstyle on top can be worn on the weave or on short relaxed hair that is trimmed on varying lengths and volumes to shape the haircut. Let’s assume you have medium-length relaxed hair and want to shape this haircut for your wedding.

Hair at the back of the neck is trimmed at light volume while the hair on the sides and on top is reserved with more volume, while hair at the upper back of the neck is reserved with minimal volume compared to that on the sides. So the front part of the hair is parted on two sides respectively;

On the right-hand side, hair is pushed towards eye length with waves to pull bangs while the left part of the hair is trimmed according to the shape of the face and round ears you trim hair with long tips at bottom of the ears looking towards the back. Hair at the crown is pushed with more volume and shapely to make a perfect short haircut with bangs.

Determine your face Shape: the black babe in the background is wearing short hair with bangs on a round face shape and if am not mistaken this is a hairstyle that looks perfect on all face shapes of African American women so the only difference will base according to the length of bangs pulled on different face shapes for each hair cut to show perfectly.

Hair product to apply: Apply Jojoba Oil because it will keep your hair fully moisturized, lock in sheen, and healthy looking since it’s formulated from natural extracts that have stood record decade from decade like, castor oil, coconut oil, and soybean to make your hair strong and also fill your hair with vitamin E to support this cause.

Which styling tools apply?

You will need a pair of scissors and a small bristled comb to help you trim small volumes of hair until the shape of the haircut is done. You will apply the same size of comb to push hair with waves and finally, you apply the tail of this comb to push parts of hair up and tip to varying directions for the haircut to shape perfectly.


Adorable braids pulled on bangs black



Look adorable on your wedding with medium-length braids that are pulled with twists. You can either make it using natural black color or apply two-way color fibers to make your hair more colorful.

The black woman on top is wearing twists that feature both maroon and black colors at the end of the day your hair looks colorful and easy to pull with different designs that will place you off. You can make this make two to three days before your wedding to avoid hair from hurting you.

It takes almost three hours to complete this hairstyle, you shouldn’t be afraid of making this hairstyle even when your hair is relatively short once you have a minimum length of natural hair that holds fiber firm then you can make it. You twist hair from the bottom up to the last tip to touch the shoulders.

This is the easiest style one can go about when you push some hairs on the left side lower section towards the shoulders then part of the hair on the same side towards the right. So hair on the right is kept flowing in the same direction while part hair at the front is pushed forward towards the right direction to push bangs.

Then hair at the back of the neck is pushed towards the bottom. Meanwhile, you can fix the tiara a few inches off the forehead on the left side to look fabulous.

Determine your face Shape: The black woman featured above is wearing braids pulled on bangs on long face shapes, but to be realistic this is one of the hairstyles that looks great on all face shapes of black women around the globe.

However, if this styling doesn't conquer your heart there are pretty more designs you can pull with this hair like; holding puff at the back of the neck. Holding hair on the side and hair in the middle of a bun then leaves the rest of the hair at the back flowing down and many more hairstyles to mention.

Hair product to apply:

Use Dr. Miracle's Braid Relief 4 oz: because it penetrates deep through hair follicles to awaken dead hair follicles and to add sheen to your hair to keep it looking fresh. For most, it continues to work on your entire hair even when you stop feeling it.

Which styling tools apply? On a clean scalp and hair, you need handy; fibers to use to pull twists either use kanekanlon fiber or equivalent fibers nearest to you that can hold the texture of your hair firmly. You need a small bristled comb with a tail to help you pick small volumes of hair to add to your natural hair to make medium twists. You need weaving needles and thread to fix the hair in certain positions to avoid shadowing you off.


Adorable wedding blonde long hair secured with bangs



Explore the beauty in wearing blonde long straight hair that you can push bangs with when you part hair at the front towards the left covering half of your face then trim it towards the left eye and part of the left cheek. Hair on the right front part is pushed at the back of the ears to flow towards the shoulders.

Of course, your natural hair is pushed with cornrows and on top, you add a blonde long weave. At the front, you trim one side short towards the left eye length. As one of the world's celebrities, Beyonce wore it to score that high when matched it with a fashionable blue outfit.

This implies that her natural hair is pulled with cornrows as in going around her head. so only one weave can do you wonders if you want it to have the volume you divide each piece into two just across the joining point.

For the back section, you fix the weave by applying one single piece but as you proceed towards the upper back coming forward you keep on applying more than one piece for the hair to have volume.

When you reach the mid crown you fix the weave on the sides pushing hair on either side to be able to push bangs perfectly. you then make your hair using a big bristled comb to make it manageable then some hairs at the front are pushed on the left covering half of your face then you follow with a trim to shape it.

Determine your face Shape:

the blonde long hair secured with bangs is worn on a round face shape, to through more light on this hairstyle is that it looks wonderful on all other face shapes of black women out there. it looks colorful featuring light brown color on top then dark highlights showing round shoulders.

Hair product to apply: On the scalp, you apply Argan Oil Hair Mask, 8 oz. Hair Treatment Therapy then on top of the hair you apply hairspray to un-frizz the weave, make it smooth, and lastly lock in sheen

Which styling tools apply? To wear adorable wedding Blonde long hair secured with bangs you have to have handy the following; weaving threads to pull cornrows, having in place long blonde weave to apply on top of cornrows, weaving needle to join weave onto cornrows, a pair of scissors to trim hair proportional, big and small bristled combs to make hair until is manageable, and the last hairspray to add on to weave to make it smooth and to look original all time.


Adorable wedding hairstyle with bangs on the sides



You might find it awesome pulling bangs on either side on medium-length hair, then at the back of the neck you hold puff. You can wear this hairstyle on your natural hair or if you have hair that is short you probably apply weave to make your dream come true.

The black bride in the pictorial has medium-length hair she played it loose by parting her front hair onto the sides while tips bouncing up to her shoulders wavy. So the rest of the hair going towards the back is pushed at the back of the neck then tips are pulled with waves and held as puff.

This is one of the hairstyles that any black bride looks up to which is easy to make by you and takes less time too to make. This hairstyle in the background is drawn on relaxed medium-length hair. If you so wish to make it without waves at the back you can as well apply a wavy hair accessory to fix the puff.

Determine your face Shape: The bride up front is wearing adorable wedding hair with bangs secured on the sides on a round face shape, without consuming much of your time I strongly state that this exact hairstyle looks perfect on any black face shape. Once you have a clue about it and you can't do it by yourself then visit a professional salon for better results.

Hair product to apply:

Apply Design Essential Stimulations Super Moisturizing Conditioner 6 Oz to calm down dull-looking hair into a soft texture and easy to style.

Which styling tools apply? Once you have a handy conditioner, and shampoo to wash your hair clean you also need in place big rollers to set your hair, and a big bristled comb to make hair after and before making your hair to make it manageable. You also need a hair band to hold the hair at the back and then fix on top wavy hair accessories to hold puff.

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