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Short wig hairstyles can really look great on most black-women and this mainly because these short wig styles ensure that all facial-features are left within sight while offering the user with a beautiful and feminine appeal. in fact, there actually 2-types of wigs on the market and these include synthetic-fiber wigs and human-hair wigs hence its upon you to choose a wig-type that meets your styling needs and even fits within your budget. However, human-hair wigs are little than synthetic wigs and this mainly because human-hair wigs tend to last for longer than synthetic-wigs. So, in this article i have decided to list for you the different styles of short wig-hairstyles that will really make you look cute, elegant and trendy. In fact, all these wig-hairstyles are short in length and this implies that they will keep you feeling comfortable since they don’t fall all over your face like longer-hairstyles.

Short Wig Hairstyles For Black Women

source:- Short Wig Hairstyles for Black Women

The black-lady featured in the picture above has a short pixie wig-hairstyle which is well-textured in order to add movement and hair-volume over head. This textures pixie wig-hairstyle actually makes her look simple and cute because it ensures that all facial-features are visible and this actually greatly enhances on her femininity. this short wig-hairstyle features simple disconnected layers allover and these helped to enhance on the hair movement and texture while the short feathery full-front bang helps to frame-out this lady’s oval shaped-face making her look extremely beautiful and elegant. In conclusion, if you really love having short, textured hairstyles then this pixie wig-haircut will be the best option for you because it will meet all your styling requirements without hassling.


  • Avoid using hot-water when washing a synthetic wig because this will make the wig to lose its structure or shape.
  • Only use special shampoos to clean-up your wig because such shampoos will help to replenish and moisturize your wig.
  • Always give your wig time to dry by placing it over a slender canister so that air circulates through it and this must be done a room-temperature for best drying results.
  • Lastly, never place your wig on a head-stand when still wet because this actually stretches its cap thus leading to enlargement of the wig over time.

Short Wig Wavy-Hairstyle For Black Women

source:- Short Wig Wavy-Hairstyle for Black Women

The lady seen in the image above actually features a wavy, short wig-haircut with a top that has been cut into various short waves which are left to fall over each-other while moving towards the front-section while the rest of the hair on the sides and back areas is left to flow gently below but not past nape-section hence leaving all facial-features within sight. In fact, this wig-hairstyle also features spiked layers throughout coupled with a full-front fringe which is longer on one-side and this actually helps to draw extra attention towards her face while giving her a feminine and pretty look. Likewise, this wig-haircut also features different tones of color whereby the hair at the top had a dark-tone while the hair on the sides and fringe-area features a mixture of brown and black hence making this lady to look extremely beautiful. So, in case you love curly or wavy hair yet your natural hair doesn’t support waves, then you should buy this short-wavy wig because it requires less styling and even feels very comfortable when placed over your head.

Short Wig Hairstyles with Color For Black Women

source:- Short Wig Hairstyles with Color for Black Women

In case you wish to tryout colored hairstyle but without dying your natural-hair, then you actually need to purchase a tinted-wig just like the one the black-lady featured above is wearing. This colorful wig-hairstyle is actually short in length with less hair-volume on the sides while the top-section has a lot of hair-volume thus creating that illusion of an extremely short bob-haircut with color throughout. This short-wig also features a lot of texture throughout and this actually helps to hair-volume while the simple full-front fringe which cuts gently across her face helps to frame-out her oval-shaped face and even draws a lot of attention towards her face. Likewise, this short-wig hairstyle contains dark-red color throughout and this actually creates perfect contrast with her lighter skin-tone. All in all, this short-wig hairstyle will offer you with a color short hairstyle without committing to dye your natural hair and this wig even feel comfortable over your head sing it doesn’t drop all over the face and back hence eliminating heat which normally caused by longer-hairstyles.

Short Wig Curly-Hairstyle For Black Women

source:- Short Wig Curly-Hairstyle for Black Women

This pretty black-lady displays a short-wig hairstyle with a lot of disconnected curls at the crown which are styled towards the front-section in order to generate a wispy fringe that covers almost the entire forehead but stopping just above the eyebrows. The sides and back sections of this short-wig haircut are styled a bit sleek and directed downwards hence creating great contrast with the voluminous curls at crown. This curly short-wig actually has a nice dark-tone with some hues in different sections and these actually help to add dimension and movement to the entire hairstyle. On top of that, the light skin-tone of this black-lady actually contrasts perfectly with this dark-toned short-wig hairstyle and this helps to draw a lot of attention towards this lady’s oval-shaped face when in public. In conclusion, if you want tryout a curly hairstyle without doing a lot of styling on your natural or when don’t have time for turning your hair to a curly-texture, then you really need to get this short-wig curly hairstyle to get the job done.

Short Wig Hairstyles For Black Women with fringe

source:- Short Wig Hairstyles for Black Women with fringe

Most black-ladies actually prefer applying bangs to their hairstyles whether short or long and this is mainly because bangs tend to shape-out their faces perfectly while drawing extra attention towards their heads. In the picture above, this black-lady features thick-textured short-wig hairstyle with huge side-swept fringe which cuts across her forehead and stops just over one-eye hence drawing extra attention round face-shape. In fact, this short-wig features smooth and sleek sides which are styled downwards while the crown and top-sections feature a lot of hair-volume with a slightly rough-texture. This short-wig hairstyle will actually work for ladies who prefer looking simple, cute and feminine when going for work or any occasion.