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5 Must try Wedding Natural Short Curly Hairstyles

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Any way a lot has been said about hair and black women, but there’s that category of women who fall for Natural hair .However this time round we are looking at natural short curly hairstyles most black brides fall for. I have realized that to look beautiful as a woman one of the aspects you should have handy is having self esteem. The more to this you add wearing cute hairstyles and looking after your skin to score that great.

With me in this article have picked 5 must try wedding Natural Short Curly hairstyles any black bride should do without, if you happen to call on wedding. I have all tastes for young brides and for old women that’s from forties and above. You will love the tastes because it gives more options of wearing natural short hairstyles on different styles either for leisure and important functions. Of course they’re key issues that drive any woman to look beautiful, and that is hair, jewelry and makeup if you balance them proportional of course you make it.
1. Must try wedding natural short curly with cornrows
You might fall to look cultural on your wedding to reflect your belief. The lady in the background chose to wear Masai bead necklace and perfectly added medium size earrings to reflect the color of necklace. Her natural hair is medium length so she though it wise to draw cornrows round her hair just few inches from the start of each side going inward on zig zag shape then reserved her natural hair in the middle with micro curls. Part of her natural hair is pushed forward and hair on sides is made upwards and likewise hair at the back to make it look fashionable. Some women out there believe in applying more makeup and pulling hairstyles that is fixed with more art which is not bad. i for one think looking natural sounds precious and meaningful because it shows confidence and true pic of your natural beauty. First and foremost it doesn’t stress you that much worrying to spend long hours at salon like other hairstyles pulled with extensions and long weaves require. If you fix your favorite tiara on to the sides few inches off your ears your hairstyle will look colorful.
Determine your face Shape: the African American woman right on top is above forties and has an oval face shape since her chin is sharp. However there’s no rule that spells out Wedding natural short curly with cornrows looks perfect to only this face shape in the background. Since the lady featuring in the falls in this category it leaves space for the other different face shapes to try out their chances.
Which Hair product to apply? Add The Roots Naturelle Curly Hair Products Bouncy Curls (16 Ounce) because it’s rich curl hydrating cream that will moisturize your natural hair, make it look fresh always. It’s best for daily application.
Which styling tools apply? Once your natural hair is washes clean, you apply hot comb on medium heat to dry it. You don’t need to use straight comb to make hair because it will stretch strands. Apply tail comb to part of volumes of hair to make cornrows when you apply small weaving threads especially at front and on left side just half way. Rather at back of neck and on the right hand side you inter lock cornrows to make your hair look stylish. Last apply hair product on your natural hair to lock in curls.

2. Must try wedding natural afro Curly
Fashion takes one to have lots of art to add on your hair to make it look adorable. Because anything you add on to your hair speaks lot on you, as in bring out your values and great ideals that others can pick interest. I for one love natural hair, I remember when I was transferring from relaxed hair to natural my sister told me am going to instead look ugly but to her surprise i took the initiate to pull different styles minding less on length because each stage my hair reached I made sure I look for interesting styles. Thus I pulled great crowds of women falling for natural hair and this is what this hairstyle on top is all about. The black babe featuring in the image pushed all hair towards the crown loose and held it together. So she pushed forward the rest of hair with tiny curls towards her forehead to pull bangs thus putting afro style on top. this hairstyle requires when your natural hair is long but for cases where some bride have medium length hair that can easily be held on top then you can as well add short curly weave to met your expectations.
Determine your face Shape: The black lady in the background has tiny forehead, long jaws and round chin so she has long face shape, since this hairstyle involves pushing all hair to towards the crown from all angles it looks nice and as a way to complete it you add your hair in the middle with volume and pushing some towards your forehead thus any woman of any face shape look just adorable with this hairstyle.
Which Hair product to apply? The Roots Naturelle Curly Hair Products Bouncy Curls (16 Ounce) to lock your natural hair with lasting curls; it soothes the scalp and brings your hair life even application. It formulated from best natural ingredients like grape side, olive oil which are rich in proteins that adds strength and texture on to your hair.
Which styling tools apply? When hair is rinsed off dirt or build up fro, previous hair products you apply hot tool to dry it. For this particular hairstyle curly weave is added on top. so while making hair on the sides and back of neck you apply small volumes of hair product to make hair manageable and lock in loose curls. You fix weave using weaving thread and needle at bottom. So using your fingers you push hair forward towards her forehead and on the sides of crown partly you push small volumes of hair towards the bottom and at the back.

3. Must try wedding natural short curly at 30
looking great on your wedding lies on various aspects am going to list down; it makes all work sounding if the bride her elf know what exactly she needs because you make the work of your hair stylist easy. For those brides that are doesn’t know exactly what she need but is looking to have pretty looks then trust your hairstylist for better choices. I for one might fall for messy short curly hairstyle on my wedding and have knowledge about it. I and my hairstylist put together our techniques to better hairstyle. Since I always want to set record and to show other brides that even with such short hair you look stunning on your wedding. As I observe this hairstyle I sense that when hair is washed you don’t add any comb but dry it the way it is. You then add hair product to restore moisture and make it look fresh and last you either fix tiara on the sides touching part of hair at front and partly on sides to make hair look interesting. There’s nothing much about the age of 30 but what i know with this age is that much as a woman is still young at this point she knows what exactly she wants. And another issue is that they want to make unique things. Hair is one of the items that woman put first. Surely when you check this hairstyle on top you automatically fall in love. It’s unique afro. It features both black and bit of brown highlights on top that make perfect match.
Determine your face Shape: the African American woman up front is wearing wedding natural short curly at 30 on long face shape. This hairstyle looks great for any purpose. This is one of the hairstyles that look perfect on all black face shapes. it defines your face shape and make your hair shapely.
Which Hair product to apply? Add Eco Styler Olive Oil Hair Food with VITAMIN A, D AND E 6.8 OZ to even moisture distribution, keep hair soft , looking shinny because its’ it’s formulated with in vitamins E. D and A to condition your hair for better texture.
Which styling tools apply? All you have to do is wash your natural hair clean, after washing hair is will lose its moisture kind of become stiff. So you dry it as it is and there after you add hair product on scalp and few volumes on top. No need to apply comb thus your fingers will do you the needful. Stay with a natural look likewise when you brush your eye brows in shape without adding any color on to it.

4. Must try wedding natural short curly with scarf
A wedding is what you take it to be, there’s no procedure to follow as in wearing different hairstyles unless you fall in certain cultural beliefs that require you to follow certain rules. You pick hairstyle that you feel comfortable with and if it means adding an accessory you all know that fixing tiara if the way forward to complete your hair. But if you’re at leisure on casual day out you fix your favorite accessory namely; scarf, hair band, ribbon or any other item that fall in this category. The bride in the pictorial up pushed her hair from front more inches inward up to mid top of hair. So the rest of hair is pulled with curls up to the back of neck. But more volume is reserved especially round the crown then on side’s volume of hair decreases gradually to give hair better shape. So at front hair is covered with tiara or for casual you apply either colored scarf or anything preferable to make your hair colorful.
Determine your face Shape: the African American woman wearing Wedding natural short curly with scarf on Oval face shape, however with no doubt this hairstyle looks prefect on all black face shapes. What differs from each woman is the shape and length of tiara one applies and if you’re wearing this hairstyle for causal there’s enough room for you to add different color of accessory for purposes of meeting your expectations.
Which Hair product to apply? Apply The Roots Naturelle Curly Hair Products Bouncy Curls (16 Ounce) to add moisture to already natural oils your scalp produces, prevent your hair from frizzing and to keep it looking original. Curls will lock in last and look healthy all time.
Which styling tools apply? Wash your hair off any dirt using cold water. When hair is clean dry it then leave few waters within your hair the set it using perm rods for purposes of making hair curly. Proceed with drying hair either sitting hand drier or applying hand drier. When hair is done you add hair product then message gently on scalp. So each perm rod you put off your hair you add hair product then pull it long and leave it to bounce back in position thus locking in curls. Repeat the same process until all hair is done. Push the front part of hair off curls as you push it up to mid part of crown. Then fix round tiara, so thereafter push curls with volume few inches and on sides reduce volume to give your hair perfect shape. At the back of neck make hair with minimal volume for your hair to look cute.

5. Must try wedding natural short micro curly

The bride featuring in the background on top is completely looking natural, as in she has long natural hair. She didn’t stretch it but made it towards the back with volume. So at front she pushes hair few inches in and fixed spring hair band looking exactly like her natural hair. This is one of the hairstyle any bride can do by herself, once you have all the kits with you like shampoo, conditioner, comb and hand drier to make your hair. Want next to add to match with her hair is jewelry and gown of the day plus dress shoes to look stunning.

Determine your face Shape: the lady wearing wedding natural short micro curly on long face shape, if am not mistaken this hairstyle too look perfect on rest of black women face shapes. It needs to shape your eye brow too because it’s one of the item that completes your face. However each bride adds different color pencil on her eyebrows, either applying black or brown to blend each complexion.
Which Hair product to apply? Apply world of curls on to your hair to keep is moisturized, soft and to lock in lasting curls.
Which styling tools apply? Once you have handy shampoo to wash hair especially extracted from best natural extracts like coconut, avocado and so forth that will add nutrients on to your hair to keep it looking good. Dry hair with hot comb without stretching it, it has to be a bit frizzy. Add hair product on to your hair to make it smooth and easy to comb. Using big bristled comb style hair as desired, thus pushing it from bottom towards the top. Using spring hair band push hair at front inches towards the back of ears then fix it to style hair. Then add tiara either in the sides or mid of front hair to complete it.