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5 Cute wedding Natural twist hairstyles black women

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Natural hair looks wonderful when you care for it, you find that most of black women out there shun from it because it bothers them to comb often and because of the hard texture it consists it sometime hurt when making it. Once you know to handle natural hair it’s one of the hairstyles that look unique for all purposes, and what I realize about it is that when most of women go for relaxed hair because of convenience few women choose to go natural.

In so doing you find that you find few women wearing your hairstyle thus you too look extra ordinal unique. In this article all round have put together 5 Wedding Natural Twist Hairstyles for you to choose the best that work for you.
1. Cute wedding natural Box and twist black

Look how cute you can show up on your wedding when you choose make big boxes added with fiber then pull it to medium length. At the end of day to collect all hair on top and tie at bottom weaving threads to hold it. Then you twist you twist hair on top going round to pull bun. This hairstyle is simple to make even at home. You can either call you stylist at home to make it or if you ask high personnel round to volunteer. At the end of day you will look fabulous for your day without wearing complicated hairstyles that require you to spend long hours at salon. Fix your tiara of day at front bottom of the bun all on sides to complete your hair.
Determine your face Shape: the black bride up has tiny forehead, slightly long jaws and sharp chin thus having an oval face shape. Without beating about the bush this is one of the hairstyle that looks wonderful to any face shape of any black woman the world over.
Which Hair product to apply? Apply Jojoba Oil to moisturize , lock in shine, make hair smooth when making it since it’s formulated from best natural extracts namely; Soy bean, Castor oil and coconut oil to keep hair looking healthy too.
Which styling tools apply? To style Natural boxes and twist hair for black, have handy comb with big tooth to lift hair from bottom towards the top up to when it’s manageable. Now pick your favorite fiber to apply on to your natural hair on smooth texture and looking exactly your natural hair. Use tail comb to pick medium volumes of hair to draw medium length boxes just half way the rest of fiber free to do finishing. When hair is done you put it together on top then tie at bottom several stretches using weaving thread to keep hair in position. Later on you twist the ends round to form bun.

2. Cute wedding natural twist high bun black

As every bride looks to looking superb, you can choose to make big cornrows on your natural hair on sides, beginning at front going towards the back of neck. Then at back of neck you join cornrows in to one big cornrow starting at bottom coming towards the top. So hair at mid top is pulled to with cornrows going clockwise. On top you add long twisted hair extension that will form high bun. Use weaving threads to fix it and weaving needle. it just takes few hours to make this hairstyle, after making cornrows you twist long kinky fiber then you fix it in style as you check the image on top.
Determine your face Shape: The black bride wearing natural twist high bun on long face shape. Her wide forehead looks wonderful with the high bun. One of features that I can’t skip taking about with her looks is the sexy eyes she has, pointed nose and long shapely eyebrows that leave no stone un turned. i guess you will stand behind my back that this hairstyle looks cute with all most any face shape of black women worldwide.
Which Hair product to apply? On cornrows you add bees wax hair product for even moisture distribution then on top of hair you add Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray, 11.7 Ounce hairspray to make the extension smooth and look healthy.
Which styling tools apply? To make cornrows on your natural hair you apply black weaving threads for long last and neat looking. you pick long kinky fiber featuring on natural black the make big twist and add it on mid top cornrows using weaving threads and needle though the bun until it’s firm.
3. Cute wedding natural twist on curly bun

For this time round you part your natural hair into two sections, the back section on your natural hair you pull twist cornrows as in drawing them from bottom towards mid top as you check in the background. Cornrows in the mid back are medium size and curve in between to make hair look colorful, so the one ‘s on side is then drawn up ears and curved towards the front part then ends pushed on top of other cornrows. So the front part of hair is partly fixed with curls flowing towards the forehead and the rest of hair looking up. So the front part of hair is left compacted to create a crazy look then tips parted to different directions to make hair look adorable.

Determine your face Shape: The black beauty wearing wedding natural twist on curly bun has long face shape however this hairstyle is perfect to all black face shape. This hairstyle takes few hours to make but its impact is just superb.
Which Hair product to apply? Use ECO STYLER OLIVE OIL HAIR FOOD WITH VITAMIN A, D AND E 6.8 OZ to make hair soft, condition both scalp and hair to leave it looking healthy. As this product is blended with all this vitamins; E, A and D to apply to all hair types.
Which styling tools apply? To make cornrows you apply weaving threads on big volumes of your natural hair while twisting it. So for the front sections of hair your natural hair is kept compacted and some hairs at the front is pulled with curls using curling tool to pull bangs. Other tips are pushed towards the top to make this hairstyle look crazy.
4. Cute Wedding Natural braid Twist up do black

This hairstyle too is great for wedding, once you have long natural hair and feel you want to twist it on color you can opt for medium length fiber to add and pull long twists. You apply black and maroon fibers to make your hair, and then make maroon fiber feature at front while the other color is fixed at the back. For the maroon fiber twist it though each other to get a floral design then pull the rest of hair into un up do. When you push hair from all sides and the back of neck towards the top you push it intact using weaving needle and threads. This hairstyle will take you through honey moon up to four weeks if you so wish , what you will require is to alternate the styles let’s say one every two weeks on weekly but of course putting in mind that you shouldn’t pull the roots excessively to avoid weakening your hair.
Determine your face Shape: The black woman featuring in the image on top is wearing natural braid twist up do on long face shape; otherwise this exact hairstyle looks good to all face shapes of black women out there regardless of skin tone.
Which Hair product to apply? Apply Dr. Miracle’s Braid Relief 4 oz to add moisture to your hair, and to put out those challenges of slow hair growth. Surprisingly the gel continues to perform its work seconds after application to give you stunning results.
Which styling tools apply? You pick pack of four packets of braiding fibers nearest to you like darling, Janet collection and equivalent fibers to pull medium twists then secure un up do for convenience and to look cute.
5. Cute Wedding Natural braid twist side swept black

Further more you can add cornrows onto your natural hair on one of the side then pull it up to medium length. On the extreme side too draw tiny cornrows pushing it towards the crown then join the ropes together and roll hair inward from the right hand side keeping more volume at front and less volume as you continue towards the back.
Determine your face Shape: The African American lady on top is wearing wedding natural braid twist side swept on oval face shape. To be realistic this hairstyle is no discriminative when it comes to varying face shapes and complexions several women have.
Which Hair product to apply? Use bees wax hair product to moisturize scalp thus giving your hair an original look always.
Which styling tools apply? You will need fiber to use that will hold your hair , it can be free tress ,Angel braid and any other brand that serves the same purpose on market. You need to use tail comb to help you divide hair in small sections for easy plaiting. Finally have handy weaving needle and threads to fix hair appropriate.